Farenheit 451

Don’t forget ! We’ll meet at 9.30 am in front of the theater (33 rue Bossuet, Lyon 6e). Don’t be late and DO NOT bring your backpacks. See you there !

Science Fiction … but also a harsh critic of censorship, where books are outlawed and where the media use all of their power to make people « happy »

Guy Montag is a fireman who burns books in a futuristic American city.

In Montag’s world, firemen start fires rather than putting them out.

The people in this society do not read books, enjoy nature, spend time by themselves,

think independently, or have meaningful conversations. Instead, they drive very fast,

watch excessive amounts of television on wall-size sets, and listen to the radio on

« Seashell Radio » sets attached to their ears.  The society is not just superficial,

it is also on the brink of war and media mix soap operas and violent comedy with

nationalism and war fever.

Play script : http://theatre.anglais.free.fr/fahrenheit-451-page-2.html


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