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What is the definition of a green city?
A sustainable city, or eco-city (also « ecocity ») is a city designed with consideration of environmental impact, inhabited by people dedicated to minimization of required inputs of energy, water and food, and waste output of heat, air pollution – CO2, methane, and water pollution.

Video to watch and summarize IN FRENCH (names you can hear: Theresa Bleiner, Doug):

Homework for May 15th (click on the link below):
Your perfect green city

This is the first PPT presentation by Auriane, Marie and Liliane :


Other presentations:


Slide Green Cities Part 1 ODDON

Slideshow Green Cities Part 2 ODDON

Slideshow Green Cities Part 3 ODDON

Green city saida ninon et justin


A video made for Earth Day (April 22nd):

History of Earth Day (write down vocabulary):






Related image

Do you like detective stories? Do you read them? Watch them? Which ones do you prefer?

Murder Mystery Meeting MP3 sorry, impossible to upload (?) Posted on ENT



The Mousetrap:

Homework for Thursday 16th February:

1.Look at the picture Book p. 70 : What document is it? (where can you find it?) Describe it and imagine what is going to happen.

2. Copy and learn vocab p. 71.

3. Listen to the MP3. Take notes and write a summary* (résumé)  + worksheet next document (click to open) MP3 1e page

vocab for the MP3 : a workshop = une atelier (d’écriture, de parole, etc…) / a witness = un témoin (pl: witnesses) / to tear one’s hair out = s’arracher les cheveux


You can now post your comments (at the bottom of the page)



See original image


Text p.88:    Text p88 group work

This should be a dialogue that you must do in groups of 4 or 5 maximum.

Send it to me via email (ENT) before February 8th. You must be able to act it out (play the scene) in class. Thank you.



MP3 (for the Xmas holidays):



MP3 number 3  « Change for the better »:

Main tourist attractions on Route 66:


PPT viewed in class:





Explore the ‘mother road’,  the mythical road of the USA:

A famous song was written about this song. Who sang it first? Can you find different bands (with different styles) who performed this classic song? You can post the link on the website now :-)

Here is a recent version of the song, the soundtrack of the animated movie ‘Cars’ (with the lyrics, so you can learn them!)


Another version, more jazzy this time, by Nat King Cole’s daughter and jazz singer Diana Krall





Chapter 2

Multicultural Britain

2 PPTs on  Multicultural Britain :



Watch a summary of what we have learnt about multicultural Britain (with keywords):


Afficher l'image d'origine

Benjamin Zephaniah’s interview:


‘East is East’,the movie – trailer and opening sequence. Take notes (in your notebook)  and comment on website.



What is the Notting Hill Carnival?

Listen to the mp3 about it :


To learn Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem, watch and repeat:

 Look at these cool primary school kids performing the poem:


Watch the videos about how presidents are elected in the US. That will help you fill in the worksheet I gave you to fill in.


Thursday 3 November is anti-bullying day in French schools (Journée nationale “Non au harcèlement”) and 14-18 November is anti-bullying prevention week in the U.K.

Watch these 2 videos and comment on it on this website:

You can put the subtitles, this is a powerful poem.

Irish schoolboy Luke Culhane, 13, from Limerick, decided to make a video about cyberbullying for Safer Internet Day, drawing on his own experience of being cyberbullied. It went viral and has been viewed half a million times on YouTube.

Luke’s video cleverly, visually and simply makes the point that words can hurt just as much as physical violence, as with each message he receives on his phone or laptop result in bleeding and bruising.


Chapter 1

Connected life

If you think Internet is available to everyone, watch this :

HOMEWORK for the holidays: here are the questions on the text in your book. You can either print the paper or answer the questions on a sheet of paper :


Video « Claire thought she knew »

Watch the video and write down what you see and hear. What message does this awareness campaign want to  convey?(in your notebook)

You can comment and post other similar videos on this website (look at the end of this page to enter a comment, in English of course !)

Book p. 17

Listen to the audio document and write down the place (if you can guess), who is speaking, and all the questions asked.

ITALY : The letter for your parents (if you don’t have it) is on the page called « Exchange with Avellino »

Get ready p. 15

Listen again to the recording and write down :

  1. How many people speak and what question is asked
  2. Each person’s opinion when possible and arguments given
  3. Useful expressions that you heard

Then, write a small paragraph in French summarizing what you have heard.


Happy to meet you and welcome to this website!


Remember… All languages are important, and nowadays you should be able to speak more than one foreign langage !


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