Premières S groupe 8


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MP3 My destination- Listen and take notes:

What about YOUR favourite destination? Write about it in your notebook and justify.

US National Parks (West)

Open the PPT, choose a park and answer the question in your notebook (there is some useful vocabulary to enrich your expression). You need to do some research on the park you chose (see website – ex 2 p. 109)


If you are interested in Martin Parr’s work on « Small World » :

Matin Parr Small World PPT

What do you think of this painting by graffiti artist Banksy?



Black is beautiful

The Freedom riders: watch and take notes

Oral Comprehension practise : Jim Zwerg’s testimony

Before Rosa Parks, there was another coloured teenager, Claudette Colvin. Listen :


Book p. 91

Martin Luther King’s speech :


Malcolm X’s speech :


personalities MLK malcolm X Rosa Parks


What are the Jim Crow laws? Look on the net and be ready to tell your classmates about your foundings.

Jim Crow ppt

Jim Crow definition and examples


Under Control

Related image

Listen to this MP3 on CCTV in the UK and take notes:

Banksy mural (also in your book):

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Other works by Banksy. Your reaction?

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Image result for Banksy camera surveillance

Image result for Banksy camera surveillance



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VISUAL ADS : go on this website and do the exercice online.

TV ads:

Copy and fill in the chart:

TV ads chart

Radio ads:


The Maslow pyramid : this is what advertisers use to promote their products. Look at it carefully and think about it when you watch/see or hear an advert!

Maslow pyramid

Ads can also be used for awareness campaigns. This one example. Watch and analyse. Can you post other examples on the website?








Listen / watch to what these people think of the British:

Watch until 4’25 (or entirely, it’s up to you). Look up online (wordreference) for the vocabulary (adjectives) that you don’t know.

Focus on the passage from 1’37 to 2′ : write what this couple says. What do you think? Answer on this website ! (at the bottom of this page)

Powerpoint on Stephen Clark’s front covers:

stephen-Clark-book-covers-PPT ok

An interview with Stephen Clark :

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  1. This is a report about a new system of CCTV cameras in UK. More than 4 million cameras (monitoring the streets 24h/7j) have been installed and 7 of them can also hear and talk to people . The goal is to make streets cleaner and safer. They reduce crime and antisocial behaviors also! But not everyone agrees with this new project ,because there is less freedom…it reminds us a little bit of the big brother’s poster (and society).

  2. Shepard Fairey’s propaganda poster, which we have seen, has some similarities to Russian propaganda (from the USSR). In these posters we can see that the colors black, red and yellow are very used. There are also zeppelins, combat helicopters, barbed wire, control towers … Several elements that remind us of war, fighting. Like much of the propaganda posters of the USSR, Shepard Fairey used a low-angle view. I used this propaganda poster from the USSR as an example:


    That’s a caracteristic propaganda poster from chinese regime(in this case during the Cultural Revolution workers). We can find the same pattern as the one on Shepard Fairey’s poster(page 118), that is to say red, yellow-ish and a kind of black(especially in shadows). The angle form which we see the scene is a Low-angle shot(and again, it’s like the one from the book), that makes the centred man dominant compared to us, and much more imposing. On the right-hand side there’s a slogan that states that peasants and soldiers are considered as the pillars of Chinese society. Even the sky looks alike the one on the poster: the strange yellow/red shapes on the poster’s sky, can remind us of the Mushroom Cloud, in the backgound of the propaganda. That been said, we can affirm that the Shepard’s poster and the Chinese propaganda’s poster are really similar, and makes us think that he probably got inspired by some of these propaganda’s posters.

  4. The founder of Obey is Shepard Fairey and his famous poster is « Hope »
    It’s a poster made to support the election of Obama in 2008.
    Shepard Fairey made other propaganda poster like « Big brother is watching you » with the same colours.
    For exemple when he meets Mao he makes a propaganda poster composed of red black and yellow ish.

  5. Frank Shepard Fairey, better known as Shepard Fairey, born February 15, 1970 in Charleston, is an American artist, serigraphist, muralist and illustrator.
    He made himself known by the stickers André the Giant Has a Posse, who gave the Obey Giant campaign.
    His work became world famous during the 2008 US presidential campaign, with the creation of Barack Obama’s « HOPE » poster, which will become an image-icon of the campaign. The Boston Institute of Contemporary Art considers it one of the best known.
    The work of Shepard Fairey is influenced by Andy Warhol.But above all, he made a poster on intellectual property.

  6. Shepard Fairey pint a lot of poster about USSR and Chinese . Here is one of them: « OBEY eye »; it’s a poster who want to denouce the communisme. Thatit’s to say: surveillance, lack of law, cencorship, ect…
    At the top we can see bigs letteres « OBEY » and under we can see a sentence who say: « Never trust your eye own eyes believe what you told ». Again in under there are two bigs red arrowand the two indicating the center of poster: Abig eyes with in ere pupil there are a red star and the face of « André the geant ».there are a white, black red lines who cross at the center for bring out the eyes.
    We can understand now this eyes is eues of brigaded people, they can see see only communisme wirh here eyes, but if they close your eyes they can medidate about the totali

  7. I will present the work of Shepard Fairey: Liberté Egalité Fraternité.
    It’s a S.Fairey gift’s for E.Macron who receives it at L’élysée. This poster is also represent, as tribute to the attaks of 2015, in 13 borough of Paris near Delicate Balance and Rise Above Rebel.
    Like his older poster ,  » Make Art not War « , S.Fairey introduce a girl in the middle, right here Marianne, surrounded by a flower circle. Also there is the OBEY’s symbol : André the Giant’s face in a star flower and brushs. All on the backbgroung Blue White Red and the french motto in the bottom and in the top : Liberté Egalité Fraternité.
    It’s a peace message that sends us S.Fairey, with the french motto, colors, and all the flowers. Shepard Fairey, one of my favorite artist, know how give us hope with his work.

  8. This propaganda poster was publicated in 1934 for the 17th congress of the Communist Party in URSS. The principals colors are also red, which can refers to the colors of the the communist flag, black and yellow-ish.
    We can also observe the authority with the position of Staline and Lenine who are above the population, they are superiors, but not with a jail like the Fairey’s poster.

    We can see this poster by cliking on this link :

  9. We can note many similarities between Shepard’s words and Chinese or Soviet propaganda. Indeed, for exemple, the mains colours are the same: black and red. But in this 2 propagandas, the dictator is showing in order that the poster promotes him.
    For exemple, in this Soviet propaganda, we can see the 2 mains colours, and Staline which is promoted by his aspect, and his posture:

  10. Frank Shepard Fairey is an american street artist but also an activist really engaged. I was suprized to know that it’s the founder of « OBEY clothing »,that is well known for incorporating politically and socially provocative propaganda into the designs of their clothings.This is an exemple : OBEY Clothing Pour Hommes Smash Passivism T-shirt OB-fr-2666-OBEY Clothing—669.jpg

  11. Shepard Fairey is an American artist , he is part of a movement of street art .
    He shares is political and social opinion through his frescoes .
    Fairey’s most known masterpieces are Hope made in 2008 which represents the portrait of Barack Obama , he also made an entire campaign in 1992 named Obey , this campaign is about the totalitarian regimes .
    In our book we can also find on the poster of Big Brothers , at the botom right the word « Obey » , we can think that poster is also part of the Obey’s campaign .
    The colors and the athmosphere of the poster can remind us of the USSR propaganda like this one :×584/17-216.jpg , but it also looks like the Chineses one like this one : .

  12. The Shepard fairey’s propaganda looks like chinese propaganda for the colours.
    Indeed, these propaganda are composed of red, black and yellow ish.
    There is lot of chinese propaganda like « Swear to defend the nation to the death » 1937
    or like « Defeat Japanese imperialism », 1937.

  13. Shepard Fairey is an American street artist, graphic designer, activist and illustrator.
    He was born in South California, his father was doctor and his mother was a realtor.
    In 1984, he began to be involved in art, then, in 1992, he graduated in bachelor of fine art in illustration from Idyllwild arts academy, in California.

  14. This awareness campaign denounces Child labour practised in many differents Asian country like China or India, which is unfortunently essential for the production of many products we use all the time like shoes, the exemple of the video.
    So the goal of this type of campaign is to shock People and make the world better, reducing inaqualities.
    This sort of campaigns can be about sexism, racism, poverty, war, environment…

  15. This awareness advertisement shows us the gap between the condition of the two kids: the one on the left is son of a family living in a rich city and goes to school, where he can study and have fun with his mates. He has good meals, hobbies and he’s got his own room; the boy on the left sleeps on the ground, in a tiny room, which he has to share with other children. Right after washing his face, he must get started with his tough and tedious work: making shoes. But not any kind of shoes. He produces the same variety of shoes the rich boy wears. He has a single break, during lunch-time, and has no right to play or even to chat and talk with the other kids.

    Here is another example of awareness campaign ad:

  16. This ad denounces child labour in poor countries. We can also see different awareness campaigns which fight against :
    – hunger in the world
    -slavery in India,China and recently in Libya
    – racism (for exemple in some states in USA)
    – unemployment
    -climate change
    – deforestation

  17. In my mind, this couple is full of prejuidice like the nothern French are very unfriendly and cold. They are pompous and vain because they claim that the French are not « to their taste » : it’s a awful judgment ! Moreover they laugh at the end of the interview, they are conceited. To conclude, the couple is impolite and detestable towards French people.

  18. This couple judge French people while they don’t know them. They have a lot of cliches about parts of France, they are close-minded. The husband said : « not to my particular taste » and the wife said :  » I wouldn’t make a best friend of a French person ».

  19. I find this passage this passage really strange , not because they have a negative thoughs about french people but the way they are saying their fellings about them . I feel like the man is too narrow-minded , he hates every europeans and puts them in the same bag . His wife is maybe a little bit less , but she has set ideas about a french and her thoughs are way too radicals .

  20. In the video, I think that this couple is ridiculous, they are narrow-minded. It’s not possible to speak about a nationality like that… Moreover, we can notice that there’s a little girl, probably of the family. They are certainly going to transmit her their ideas, and it would be very sad…

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