Premières S groupe 8


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VISUAL ADS : go on this website and do the exercice online.

Watch the clip of TV adverts and answer the questions

1) How many of the ads are for …

  • shops
  • electrical items
  • central heating
  • films
  • insurance
  • cameras

2) What nine products or businesses do they advertise?







Listen / watch to what these people think of the British:

Watch until 4’25 (or entirely, it’s up to you). Look up online (wordreference) for the vocabulary (adjectives) that you don’t know.

Focus on the passage from 1’37 to 2′ : write what this couple says. What do you think? Answer on this website ! (at the bottom of this page)

Powerpoint on Stephen Clark’s front covers:

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An interview with Stephen Clark :

12 réflexions au sujet de « Premières S groupe 8 »

  1. I think this couple is prejudiced about French people, the woman said the northern french are unfriendy and the southern french are better, it is a judgment about French people.

  2. In my mind, this couple is full of prejuidice like the nothern French are very unfriendly and cold. They are pompous and vain because they claim that the French are not « to their taste » : it’s a awful judgment ! Moreover they laugh at the end of the interview, they are conceited. To conclude, the couple is impolite and detestable towards French people.

  3. This couple judge French people while they don’t know them. They have a lot of cliches about parts of France, they are close-minded. The husband said : « not to my particular taste » and the wife said :  » I wouldn’t make a best friend of a French person ».

  4. I think this English couple is racist but they are interesting because it justifies the Brexit. They don’t like French people and their culture. The woman says: « I wouldnt make friend with a French person »

  5. For me this couple are biased, they generalize. They are not objective about French, they judge regions of France without knowing the people. They use a lot of stereotypes to answer the question.

  6. I think these English are deplorable, they do not show a good example. They are racists, think they are all allowed and take people from high Fortunately it is not the majority!

  7. this couple is racist and has false ideas about other countries, nationalities. They will probably never change . They have lot of stereotypes.

  8. I find this passage this passage really strange , not because they have a negative thoughs about french people but the way they are saying their fellings about them . I feel like the man is too narrow-minded , he hates every europeans and puts them in the same bag . His wife is maybe a little bit less , but she has set ideas about a french and her thoughs are way too radicals .

  9. In the video, I think that this couple is ridiculous, they are narrow-minded. It’s not possible to speak about a nationality like that… Moreover, we can notice that there’s a little girl, probably of the family. They are certainly going to transmit her their ideas, and it would be very sad…

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