Premières S groupe 8


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VISUAL ADS : go on this website and do the exercice online.

TV ads:

Copy and fill in the chart:

TV ads chart

Radio ads:


The Maslow pyramid : this is what advertisers use to promote their products. Look at it carefully and think about it when you watch/see or hear an advert!

Maslow pyramid

Ads can also be used for awareness campaigns. This one example. Watch and analyse. Can you post other examples on the website?








Listen / watch to what these people think of the British:

Watch until 4’25 (or entirely, it’s up to you). Look up online (wordreference) for the vocabulary (adjectives) that you don’t know.

Focus on the passage from 1’37 to 2′ : write what this couple says. What do you think? Answer on this website ! (at the bottom of this page)

Powerpoint on Stephen Clark’s front covers:

stephen-Clark-book-covers-PPT ok

An interview with Stephen Clark :

20 réflexions au sujet de « Premières S groupe 8 »

  1. I will present the work of Shepard Fairey: Liberté Egalité Fraternité.
    It’s a S.Fairey gift’s for E.Macron who receives it at L’élysée. This poster is also represent, as tribute to the attaks of 2015, in 13 borough of Paris near Delicate Balance and Rise Above Rebel.
    Like his older poster ,  » Make Art not War « , S.Fairey introduce a girl in the middle, right here Marianne, surrounded by a flower circle. Also there is the OBEY’s symbol : André the Giant’s face in a star flower and brushs. All on the backbgroung Blue White Red and the french motto in the bottom and in the top : Liberté Egalité Fraternité.
    It’s a peace message that sends us S.Fairey, with the french motto, colors, and all the flowers. Shepard Fairey, one of my favorite artist, know how give us hope with his work.

  2. The Shepard fairey’s propaganda looks like chinese propaganda for the colours.
    Indeed, these propaganda are composed of red, black and yellow ish.
    There is lot of chinese propaganda like « Swear to defend the nation to the death » 1937
    or like « Defeat Japanese imperialism », 1937.

  3. In this video we can see 2 children who live an ordinary day. To the left the boy watches TV, does coloring and he plays whereas to the right the boy works all day and he is forced to work.
    This video denounces child labour in countries like India, China, … It also denounces children slavery in these same countries.
    I suggest you watch this video :

  4. This awareness campaign denounces Child labour practised in many differents Asian country like China or India, which is unfortunently essential for the production of many products we use all the time like shoes, the exemple of the video.
    So the goal of this type of campaign is to shock People and make the world better, reducing inaqualities.
    This sort of campaigns can be about sexism, racism, poverty, war, environment…

  5. This awareness advertisement shows us the gap between the condition of the two kids: the one on the left is son of a family living in a rich city and goes to school, where he can study and have fun with his mates. He has good meals, hobbies and he’s got his own room; the boy on the left sleeps on the ground, in a tiny room, which he has to share with other children. Right after washing his face, he must get started with his tough and tedious work: making shoes. But not any kind of shoes. He produces the same variety of shoes the rich boy wears. He has a single break, during lunch-time, and has no right to play or even to chat and talk with the other kids.

    Here is another example of awareness campaign ad:

  6. This ad denounces child labour in poor countries. We can also see different awareness campaigns which fight against :
    – hunger in the world
    -slavery in India,China and recently in Libya
    – racism (for exemple in some states in USA)
    – unemployment
    -climate change
    – deforestation

  7. I think this couple is prejudiced about French people, the woman said the northern french are unfriendy and the southern french are better, it is a judgment about French people.

  8. In my mind, this couple is full of prejuidice like the nothern French are very unfriendly and cold. They are pompous and vain because they claim that the French are not « to their taste » : it’s a awful judgment ! Moreover they laugh at the end of the interview, they are conceited. To conclude, the couple is impolite and detestable towards French people.

  9. This couple judge French people while they don’t know them. They have a lot of cliches about parts of France, they are close-minded. The husband said : « not to my particular taste » and the wife said :  » I wouldn’t make a best friend of a French person ».

  10. I think this English couple is racist but they are interesting because it justifies the Brexit. They don’t like French people and their culture. The woman says: « I wouldnt make friend with a French person »

  11. For me this couple are biased, they generalize. They are not objective about French, they judge regions of France without knowing the people. They use a lot of stereotypes to answer the question.

  12. I think these English are deplorable, they do not show a good example. They are racists, think they are all allowed and take people from high Fortunately it is not the majority!

  13. this couple is racist and has false ideas about other countries, nationalities. They will probably never change . They have lot of stereotypes.

  14. I find this passage this passage really strange , not because they have a negative thoughs about french people but the way they are saying their fellings about them . I feel like the man is too narrow-minded , he hates every europeans and puts them in the same bag . His wife is maybe a little bit less , but she has set ideas about a french and her thoughs are way too radicals .

  15. In the video, I think that this couple is ridiculous, they are narrow-minded. It’s not possible to speak about a nationality like that… Moreover, we can notice that there’s a little girl, probably of the family. They are certainly going to transmit her their ideas, and it would be very sad…

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