Première S groupe 9 / 2017-2018

Far and Away

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MP3 ‘My destination’ – listen and take notes:

What about YOUR favourite destination? Write about it in your notebook and justify.

US National Parks (West)

Open the PPT, choose a park and answer the question in your notebook (there is some useful vocabulary to enrich your expression). You need to do some research on the park you chose (see website – ex 2 p. 109)


If you are interested in Martin Parr’s work on « Small World » :

Matin Parr Small World PPT

What do you think of this painting by graffiti artist Banksy?


Dharavi Tours – Listen to this MP3 and take notes. Then react in your notebook.




Black is beautiful

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The Freedom Riders:

ORAL COMPREHENSION practise: Jim Zwerg’s testimony

Before Rosa Parks, there was another coloured teenager, Claudette Colvin. Listen :


What are the Jim Crow laws? Look on the net and be ready to tell your classmates about your foundings.

Jim Crow ppt

Jim Crow definition and examples


Under Control

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Listen to this MP3 on CCTV in the UK and take notes:

Works by Banksy, a famous British graffiti artist. What do you think his goal is?

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Image result for Banksy camera surveillance


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ANALYSIS POSTER MC DONALD (click on it) : McDonald ad description

attentionVocabulary to learn (click) : advertising vocab


VISUAL ADS : go on this website and do the exercice online.

Copy and fill in the chart:

TV ads chart

The Maslow pyramid : this is what advertisers use to promote their products. Look at it carefully and think about it when you watch an advert!

Maslow pyramid

Ads can also be used for awareness campaigns. This one example. Watch and analyse. Can you post other examples on the website?







how-to-be-british-1Listen / watch to what these people think of the British:

Watch entirely or at least until 4’27. Look up online (wordreference) for the vocabulary (adjectives) that you don’t know.  

Focus on the passage from 1’37 to 2′. Write what this couple says. What is your reaction?  Answer on this website ! (at the bottom of this page)

An interview with Stephen Clark :

50 réflexions au sujet de « Première S groupe 9 / 2017-2018 »

  1. In a world where government chooses cameras as a security guarantee , few people try to resist and to express they disagree with such a practice. The artist Banksy shows his opinion through a large trompe-l’oeil, street art painting. A child,symbol of youth and innocence, standing on a ladder is writing the slogan « one nation under CCTV ». From the pavement, on the left corner, a policeman is eying the child with binoculars, next to him, a terrifying guard dog is barking. On the right side of the wall, we can see a real camera. The aim of the artist is to criticize the use of video cameras, useless to prevent from violence and crimes but useful to watch population and threat people. In my opinion, the camera’s real aim is to assert power and authority to limit freedom, making city cleaner and safer is only poor pretext.

  2. Banksy is a painter and an artist known for his urban art. Through these paints, he shows us in which situation is the British society. The work that he realized on a wall is a graffiti, he denounces the generalization of the video surveillance in London with the sentence:  » One Nation Under CCTV « . Furthermore, the paint which he realized showing a camera hung on on a wall and a sentence written in white what are you looking at, which incites us to think about the question : Why did we so much watched? What are we afraid to accept that we so watch us ? I find that these works are rather interesting because they push us on second thought of this under surveillance society.

  3. This wall is painted with an optical illusion used the trompe-l’oeil technique. This graffiti was painting by Banksy who is a very famous and mysterious artist. In this wall we can read «  one nation under CCTV » . This sentence probably refer to the expression «  one nation under God », sentence which is in oath of allegiance to the flag of the United States. Just at the next to this painting, we can se a surveillance camera. The sentence is written by a kid with a roller and a ladder. We also can see in the bottom left-hand corner an policeman with his dog. He is taking picture of the little kid. This picture denounce the British government. These cameras are everywhere and they challenged the private life. The painter want to make fun of that and stand up the government. It’s make fun of the police because the cameras are represented by the officer which is here and just filming the kid who enforce the law.

  4. This document is a graffiti draw by Banksy a famous Britich artist. This grafiti is on a wall of building. On this wall in white capital letter we can see « on nation under CCTV ». CCV means Closes Circuit TV. In the left corner we can also see a policeman with a dog. The policeman hold a twin and he observed a child.The child is on a scale and he hold a brush. He is painting on the wall then it’s fobidden. I think his goal is to show no matter what we do we are always watching

  5. All of this graffities show us an environment under surveillance. At first sight, there are cameras in all of them and on second thoughts, there is a slogan in the first which says « ONE NATION UNDER CCTV ». It’s like if all citizens were one entity which is compel to do deprived of privacy. This graffities have been made with a trompe l’œil technique which make this scenes very realistic. There are very different environments represented, two cities, a green space and the interior of a building. To put that in a nutshell, Banksy shows us that there are cameras everywhere around us even if we think there is no reason that there are here and if we are disagree.

  6. Banksy is the pseudonym of an artist known for his urban art and also as a painter and director. The message is generally libertarian, antimilitarist, anti-capitalist or anti-system. His characters are often rats, monkeys, policemen, soldiers, children, famous people or old people.
    It contains the phrase « One Nation Under CCTV » painted white in capital letters, one word per line. Below, on the right, a child, wearing a red hooded top and mounted on a ladder, appears to paint the « T » of « CCTV » with a paint roller. He represents the innocence. On the left, a police officer films the scene. A dog is kneeling at his feet. It represents the military side of this work.
    The phrase « one nation under CCTV » is linked with the phrase « one nation under God », present in the oath of allegiance to the flag of the United States. The painting is located to the left of a CCTV camera.
    There are similarities with the other pictures: there is a camera, the colors are cold and green is dominant. The cameras are looking to people or message.
    The aim of Banksy is to prevent the increase of the installation of CCTV system in England.

  7. How can it even be possible. I heard that there is 4 millions cameras in UK. I don’t know how many there is in france but i think that this is less than 4 million. People lose their privacy when they are undersurveillance 24/7. We are becoming a big brother society, this is insane that the government put all these cameras in the city. We have to be careful because if we let this type of technology take over in our life, We will not be able to separate the real life from the virtuality .

  8. We can listen in this document many things. How cameras are used in Britain.. It’s unbelievable, there is around 4 millions cameras in Britain, silent cameras, but there is also a new type of cameras, those who can talk. In fact, there is 7 cameras which have loud speakers, they say that this talking system is more effective than the silent. It create, that way, a type of extra police, who have ‘ pairs of eyes watching 24h/ a day’. The videos recorded are watched in a control room. I was very shook, when they said that some cameras had loud speakers and that we could hear : ‘pick up your cigarett’ or even ‘get of your bike’. For me, it’s a ‘Big Brother society’. Social Behavior shouldn’t have to be under government surveillance all the time, we are human NOT robot.

  9. This document is an audio who talks about CCTV Cameras in Britain. The aim of those cameras is to keep an eye on you, to make streets safer and cleaner. There are 4 million cameras in Britain. In Middlesbrough, there are 144 cameras, with 7 cameras who are equipped with speakers. For example, if somebody throws off garbage in the street, a warning from the CCTV Camera’s speaker asks to take it and to throw in a trash bin. The voice comes from a person in a control center. For Middlesbrough’s Mayor, those cameras have an influence on violent crimes and also on social behaviour. Besides, he said that he has 144 pairs of eyes to watch the city. There are also normal cameras who permitted to arrest 678 offenders. Moreover, presenters in the audio are convinced by this CCTV system. They take others examples as for smokers and cyclist. But, for Middlesbrough’s people, it is too much: for them, it is scary because they are spied on and now there is a voice who tells them off. There are hassled.

  10. This reporter informs us on the new security system in Britain, where more than 4 million cameras are installed and 7 of them can even talk! They are monitored from a control room by operators. For exemple, the cameras can tell you to put your trash in the bin, pick up your cigarette or to get off your bike if you are riding on the pavement. They think that it is more effective. Cameras have already decreased the number of violent crimes and social behaviors. However not everyone enjoys this new system.

  11. There is 4 million of cameras in GB, they put 7 cameras that they can record, hear and speak. So if they see you throw waste on the floor, they can say  » put in the bin ». It’s a way to spy on everyone even more but the streets can be cleaner. They compare it to a dictatorship like Big Brother.

  12. This document from CCTV and speaks about a new way of surveillance in Britain.In Britain they are 4 million cameras and 7 which don’t only keep an eye on you but also hear and speak. For instance they could say « put your rubbish in the bin ». These cameras are a new way to make the streets safer and cleaner. The reporter compares this surveillance to a big brother society

  13. In the United Kingdom they installed cameras of surveillance which can speak too. If they see that you don’t respect the rules they can tell you off. I think it’s a good system to save the planet but people have less freedom.

  14. Thereare 4 billion cameras in the UK. They put 6 or 7 cameras with speakers in Butte (??) for a test. The goal is to have a clean and safe city. People are always under surveillance.

  15. I have listened to the audio about CCTV cameras in Britain. In Britain more than 4 millions cameras are monitoring the streets 24/7. They were not able to hear until now in the city of Middlebury where CCTV cameras were installed. These cameras don’t only watch but they are equipped with speakers. This is a new project in order to make the streets safer. These cameras have been nicknamed « robot-cop ». They not only reduce crime but also reduce antisocial behaviors. However for some British people this is to much. It can really remind us of a Big Brother society.

  16. in the middle we can see an electric pole surrounded by crow. Bottom right you can see the cover of a book with a middle eye saying big brother is watching you with some kind of prison behind

  17. This is a poster by Shepard Fairey, aka Obey. The low-angle shot makes us feel very small.
    What immediately strikes me in this poster is the use of colours: Indeed, black elements stand
    out against the yellow and red background. The various elements that compose what seems
    to be a collage, are a billboard in the bottom left-hand corner. On the billboard, we can read
    “Big Brother is watching you” above a huge eye that seems to be looking at the passers-by.
    In the bottom right-hand corner of the poster we can also read the word “obey” which looks
    like a signature but also sounds like an order. Behind the billboard we can see
    a watchtower with two people inside and one of them seems to be watching through
    binoculars. Next to the tower are two huge video cameras pointed at what must be a prison
    Along the wall there are three other cameras. There are also electric poles, wires and street lamps and all the wires seem to constitute a big mesh. A
    helicopter is hovering over the prison-like building in the top right-hand corner. With its projectors
    on each side it looks like a war helicopter.
    This poster reminds me of an other poster :

  18. I found on the internet that Shepard Fairey was an American artist born in 1970. He helped to create the logo of the famous brand OBEY, now his income is near 15 millions dollars. He is also the one who drew the poster that we are studying. In this document the colors that we see most are the red and the black which remind us of the communist flag. I saw some of his street art work and I find it original and amazing, he is gifted.

  19. Hello everyone,
    Frank Shepard Fairey, the autor of the poster of Big Brother, is famous because of his public art and his Stenciling, he won different awards like « Brit Insurance Design Awards », « Design of the Year » « AS220 Free Culture Award ». The colors of this poster can remind us of the communist propaganda with the red, the white and the black which are the 3 main colors

  20. Here is a small sum-up of Shepard Fairey’s life:
    Frank Shepard Fairey, better known as Shepard Fairey, born February 15, 1970 in Charleston, South Carolina. He is an American artist, beginnings, muralist and illustrator. From the skateboarding scene, he first became known by the stickers Andre the Giant has a Posse, who gave the Obey Giant campaign.

  21. The poster is a poster of Shepard Fairey. He’s an American artist who was born on th 15 of February 1970 in Charleston. He first became known for his « Andre Giant Has a Posse » sticker campaign. He became widely known when he created the poster « HOPE » of Barack Obama wich became THE image of his campaign.
    On the poster we are now studying, we can see barbed wire who reminds us of a prison. « Big Brother is watching you » and « obey » is written on a billboard to remind us that people are constantly spied on. People don’t have privacy. There is a stifling atmosphere that makes us ill-at-ease. The main colors are black, red and yellow , that reminds us of propaganda from the USSR

  22. I did some research on the author of the poster « big brother City » (2007). He is a 47 year-old American contemporary street artist, graphic, designer, activist, illustrator, the founder of OBEY clothing. In short, he loves art. I think the artist integrates his vision of politics.
    He often uses red and dark colors in is work.
    I have already seen similar work on the net. He represents many portraits, for instance of celebrities like Obama.

  23. Franck Shepard Fairy was born on 1970 in Charleston. He is American. He is an artist who is part of the movement street art.
    The document is a poster drawn by Shepard Fairey. The angle shot is low-angle shot. The dominant colors are black, red and orange. The Colors remind me of a communist flag. At the bottom we can see a billboard with a message « big brother is watching you » and an eye. In the background we can see barbed wire, satellite dish and cameras. The birds and the helicopters patrol in the sky

  24. This propaganda poster was realized in 1944 towards the end of the second war world.
    The red is the main color of the poster ( as the Shepard Fairey of poster), which makes a reference in color of the communist flag. We can see also that Staline is placed, above the soldiers, to show his political power and the authority which he has on the soldiers. We can see resemblances with the poster of Fairey : as colors and structure of the image.

    Poster :

  25. The last time, we have studied the poster created by Shepard FAIREY. We have conclude that this poster reminds us of the URSS propaganda. Indeed, the dominant color is red and there is the same creepage and vanishing point. More lot of element can reminds of the totalitarian regime. For example the barbed wire and the wall make the atmosphere stifling and very ill-at-ease. In the sky in the top right-hand corner, we can see a helicopter and in the background a blimp. We can also notice that the three big birds, maybe hawks. Those three element show us that nobody has privacy and everyone is spied by the government at every moment and everywhere. I have found this poster which shows the likeness with URSS propaganda:

  26. Shepard Fairey is an American street artist. He’s graduated from RISD, a design school. He’s known for his movement Obey Giant. During the Obama’s campaign in 2008 he created several posters to support him.

  27. About the poster by Shepard Fairey :
    This poster has been made with a low-angle shot which make the viewer in a dominated position. In the foreground, we can see a geant billboard with the message « Big Brother is watching you » which reminds me 1984 by G. Orwell, and a sattelite dish which surely broadcasts a propaganda message, in the left. In the middle, we can see a high electric pole which is a meeting point between a lot of wires coming to all senses. In the background, there are barbed wires at the bottom with a couple of cameras here and next the control tower on the left-hand side. We can also see a patroller helicopter and raptors flying. Finally, there are Strange patterns draw in red and we can guess a airship. The all give me a scaring and terrorized impression. Colors and strong lines reminds me a propaganda poster from USSR seen in a history class :

  28. The poster represents a city. The focus shows it from the bottom, that symbolizes the unpower of the audience from the representing, we watch the scene from the bottom. We see a wall, wires dangled by a huge post. Wires are many and tangled. Wires represent the communication and a brand new one. They are dangled so they are out off control from the population and the system of communication is too sofisticated to be understood or to be escaped by people. In the air, one helicopter is overhead. On the wall, on the post, on the tower at the left and on the helicopter in the air, many cameras are turned down to the city and obviously to people. All these details, including the wall and the post are black, we see just their shape to insist about the secret, the aim to be invisible and also to symbolize, once again, the superiority on the people who can’t escape from the control. Three eagles flying in the air look down to the city, that shows that even animals are used to spy on everybody. Black and eagles are also scary.
    The lake of freedom of movements is criticized by the number of systems which film and spy but the wall is also a symbol of prison. Barbed wires and gates are drawn too and they are all along the wall so people are limited to move, they can’t leave, they are prisonners. Two men at the bottom from the tower are looking around with binoculars.
    Humans are supposed to be the higher superiority, they are supposed to control everything that had built (wires, control systems, cameras) and to hold the informations. But an other entity, more unclear called «  Big Brother » is in fact the higher authority: a huge poster is lay out in the wall : we see black and creepy eyes and on the top « Big Brother is watching you ». Indeed, the poster embodies the higher entity and ecall that there is someone who is always watching you, everywhere, everytime. To frighten enven more, the sky and the environment in the foreground are a mixed of red and beige. It’s foggy : we don’t see exactly what happened behind. We can imagine an airship and factories but all of that is volontiery blurred to recall that we are not supposed to reach that information and the system is unreachable, so it’s scarring and we have to respect the rules without freedom.

  29. This video is an awareness campaign which compares the life of two young children: One is a « rich » child and the second one is a poor child. The first one has a good life but the second one has a bad life. The first child sleeps in his own room, he has breakfast, he goess to school but the second child sleep in a small room with other children, his collegues and he works in a factory which is making shoes whereas the rich kid is going to school and maybe has a good future ahead. This ad wants to warn people in the world about inequalities between the rich and the poor countries.

    Youtube link :

    1. You forgot almost all the ‘s’ in the simple present! You need to read again before you post.
      And you do not describe anything actually. I need specifics, not general impressions.

  30. This video it is an awareness campaign. We can see two videos. In the first video, on the left, there is a little boy who prepares himself to go to school and on the right video there is also a boy that prepares himself. The difference between the two boys is that, the boy on the left looks like a rich boy, in a rich family and a beautiful house. That is, the list j’en is clean and modern. The boy on the right wakes up in a tiny room, with lots of thing on the ground : a very messy place. He doesn’t have a real kitchen and he lives in a little house with lot of members of his family. When the two Little boys leave their home, the rich little boy goes to school whereas the poor boy goes to work. We can understand, at the end that is the poor Boy who created the shoes of the rich boy. This campaign warns people about where their clothes come from and makes them aware of how lucky they are not to have to work to survive

    I found a link that makes us aware of the environnemental issues :

  31. This video is an awareness campaign wich compares simultaneously two young children’s everyday life. The only difference betweeen them is that the first one lives the sort of life that each children should live while the second lives a life which is unfair . The first child sleeps in his own room, he has breakfast, he goes to school while the second child has to work with dangerous products which kill him step by step. At the end of this video we can see that the rich child wearing the shoes that the poor child has to make and the message appears : « Some thing cost more than you realise ». This awareness campaign denounces child labor and may try to show this great injustice.

  32. this video is an awareness campaign which catches the attention of the public about the origin of our clothers in our everyday life. In this video, we can see two different lives, that to the right, a normal boy who goes to school, who studies, who has lunch and on the other one a young boy, who works manufacturing shoes and who has a poor and difficult life. At the end of the video, we see that the child on the right is wearing the very shoes that the other boy has made. Thus in conclusion, this campaign broadcasts a message, which is written at the end « Some thing cost more than you realise  »

    Other awareness campaigns: Department of Health and Ageing

  33. Advertising:

    The video shows us two different situations: On the one hand, we can see a single kid who is living as “rich” people. On the other hand, we can see a family with several kids who are sleeping on the floor. The first kid has got all he needs. He goes to school and he eats what he wants whereas the other family is living and working in a small room. It is unhealthy. Besides, kids are working: they have to make shoes. On the other hand, the “rich” kid is going to school.
    This ad wants to warn people in the world about inequalities between rich and poor . They catch the attention of people by using shocking images; they try to catch the eye and to strike the imagination.
    Here is the link of the YouTube video:

  34. When the reporter asked the question to the couple They answer a funny but explaining that he did not like the French especially the woman who said she detest the French from the north and that those from the south was a little better.

  35. The couple is answering to the question « what are the french like? ». The husband says European are not my particular taste. However, the wife says the Southern French are better than the Nothern French. She thinks the northern French are more unfriendly than the Southern French and she says: « I wouldn’t make a best friend of a French person. The reaction of the journalist is a little bit strange because she’s hearing for the first time an answer of this type. I think the couple is critisizing French people due to the stereotypes.

  36. On this passage , the question is ask to a couple of old people. They think that French are not « taste » to them. The woman said that the northern French are unfriendly and the southern French are more friendly but she would not have a French best friend. I feel like they don’t like so much the French people and they not hide it.

  37. The couple is answering to the question « what are the french like? » The husband said that he doesn’t like French people : there are not at his taste. Indeed, he said that europeans doesn’t like, as him, French people. Moreover, the women said that she doesn’t like northern French because there are unfriendly. She rather prefers southern people who are more friendly. Due to this stereotype, she doesn’t want to have a French friend.

    Although it is commonly said that northern French are unfriendly. However, it is false. Northern French can be friendly as all the French people : there is not a geographical issue about this topic. For me, the couple think there are better because there is this stereotype about English people : English people are well manered. But it is not true for all the English. Moreover, i think they must try to be open-minded and they have to discover more about the French people. I think they will be surprised.

  38. This couple doesn’t like french people, especially the man who says that they are not   his particular taste, like all the european which are not either. The women doesn’t feel exactly the same, she Just find northern french unfriendly compared to the southest, which are better. She added that she wouldn’t make a frenc her best friend. I think they are rude, i bet that they never went in france. They think superior

  39. This old couple is weird, they don’t like french people, the wife said that northen french people are more unfriendly from her point of view than southen or mediterranean french, but she said too she doesn’t think she can have a french best friend, I suppose, this couple have to go to the modern way, they are too much in the old world, and I don’t want to know them much than that.

  40. This couple, especially the man, does not like the Europeans in general. They think that the French, who are living in the Northern part of France, are less friendly that the Southern French people. The woman also thinks that she would not be best friend with a French person.
    I disagree. In my opinion, French people are kind. Even though the Northern French people might seem a little close-minded at first, they are very friendly when people get to know them. In my experience, Europe is like a big country with many different languages and cultures.

  41. The man doesn’t like French people, he says they are not to his « particular taste », because they are European, and he doesn’t like European.
    His wife finds Northen French unfriendy and prefers Mediterranean ones. But she can’t imagine having a French best friend.

    The man’s point of view can’t be defended for it’s not a real one. European are all different. I find his man a bit snobbish and disdainful.
    In a way, the lady’s opinion is less chocking. In fact, generally, Northern French can be more distant than Mediterreans are usually more welcoming. But once again, it’s a stereotype.

  42. This couple criticize French people. The husband compares The French with food indeed he said « not to my particular taste », it’s juste like food and he doesn’t like that, but he also doesn’t like all European, so maybe we don’t have to take this personally. The wife is less mean, she criticize French people compared to their localisation, this is why she find the northern French more unfriendly then the southern French, but they also don’t want « make a best friend of a French Person ». We don’t know why they think that way so we can laugh or think they are nasty.

  43. The couple says the Europeans are not to his taste and the French from south are more friendly than the French from north, however the woman says she wouldn’t have a French best friend. The answer is a little bit ridiculous but I think the couple feels superior himself to the other and I wouldn’t want meeting him if I go to Southern France. The journalist reaction show us it’s the first time that she hear this type of answer so they are just a few English who have the same mind.

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