Première S groupe 9


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Watch the clip of TV adverts and answer the questions

1) How many of the ads are for …

  • shops
  • electrical items
  • central heating
  • films
  • insurance
  • cameras

2) What nine products or businesses do they advertise?





how-to-be-british-1Listen / watch to what these people think of the British:

Watch entirely or at least until 4’27. Look up online (wordreference) for the vocabulary (adjectives) that you don’t know.  

Focus on the passage from 1’37 to 2′. Write what this couple says. What is your reaction?  Answer on this website ! (at the bottom of this page)

An interview with Stephen Clark :

10 réflexions au sujet de « Première S groupe 9 »

  1. When the reporter asked the question to the couple They answer a funny but explaining that he did not like the French especially the woman who said she detest the French from the north and that those from the south was a little better.

  2. The couple is answering to the question « what are the french like? ». The husband says European are not my particular taste. However, the wife says the Southern French are better than the Nothern French. She thinks the northern French are more unfriendly than the Southern French and she says: « I wouldn’t make a best friend of a French person. The reaction of the journalist is a little bit strange because she’s hearing for the first time an answer of this type. I think the couple is critisizing French people due to the stereotypes.

  3. On this passage , the question is ask to a couple of old people. They think that French are not « taste » to them. The woman said that the northern French are unfriendly and the southern French are more friendly but she would not have a French best friend. I feel like they don’t like so much the French people and they not hide it.

  4. The couple is answering to the question « what are the french like? » The husband said that he doesn’t like French people : there are not at his taste. Indeed, he said that europeans doesn’t like, as him, French people. Moreover, the women said that she doesn’t like northern French because there are unfriendly. She rather prefers southern people who are more friendly. Due to this stereotype, she doesn’t want to have a French friend.

    Although it is commonly said that northern French are unfriendly. However, it is false. Northern French can be friendly as all the French people : there is not a geographical issue about this topic. For me, the couple think there are better because there is this stereotype about English people : English people are well manered. But it is not true for all the English. Moreover, i think they must try to be open-minded and they have to discover more about the French people. I think they will be surprised.

  5. This couple doesn’t like french people, especially the man who says that they are not   his particular taste, like all the european which are not either. The women doesn’t feel exactly the same, she Just find northern french unfriendly compared to the southest, which are better. She added that she wouldn’t make a frenc her best friend. I think they are rude, i bet that they never went in france. They think superior

  6. This old couple is weird, they don’t like french people, the wife said that northen french people are more unfriendly from her point of view than southen or mediterranean french, but she said too she doesn’t think she can have a french best friend, I suppose, this couple have to go to the modern way, they are too much in the old world, and I don’t want to know them much than that.

  7. This couple, especially the man, does not like the Europeans in general. They think that the French, who are living in the Northern part of France, are less friendly that the Southern French people. The woman also thinks that she would not be best friend with a French person.
    I disagree. In my opinion, French people are kind. Even though the Northern French people might seem a little close-minded at first, they are very friendly when people get to know them. In my experience, Europe is like a big country with many different languages and cultures.

  8. The man doesn’t like French people, he says they are not to his « particular taste », because they are European, and he doesn’t like European.
    His wife finds Northen French unfriendy and prefers Mediterranean ones. But she can’t imagine having a French best friend.

    The man’s point of view can’t be defended for it’s not a real one. European are all different. I find his man a bit snobbish and disdainful.
    In a way, the lady’s opinion is less chocking. In fact, generally, Northern French can be more distant than Mediterreans are usually more welcoming. But once again, it’s a stereotype.

  9. This couple criticize French people. The husband compares The French with food indeed he said « not to my particular taste », it’s juste like food and he doesn’t like that, but he also doesn’t like all European, so maybe we don’t have to take this personally. The wife is less mean, she criticize French people compared to their localisation, this is why she find the northern French more unfriendly then the southern French, but they also don’t want « make a best friend of a French Person ». We don’t know why they think that way so we can laugh or think they are nasty.

  10. The couple says the Europeans are not to his taste and the French from south are more friendly than the French from north, however the woman says she wouldn’t have a French best friend. The answer is a little bit ridiculous but I think the couple feels superior himself to the other and I wouldn’t want meeting him if I go to Southern France. The journalist reaction show us it’s the first time that she hear this type of answer so they are just a few English who have the same mind.

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