Terminale Euro 2017-2018


Look at the posters (the 1st one is also in your book) , describe and discuss:

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Listen (GOA):

MP3 « Getting a gun in Colorado »:

A brief history of the United States (Bowling for Columbine):

Bowling for Columbine trailer :

MP3 « Columbine High School » :

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Jeremy Irons on Death Penalty: https://vimeo.com/13857020

Find videos,  posters (awareness campaigns) or articles against death penalty (not just in the USA). Post them on the website with a comment.

Some excellent documents and comments. Thank you and keep up the good work !

Listen to this judge:

Dead Man Walking execution scene:






Protest songs


Have a look at these websites:



Evolution of US protest music (very good short documentary):

Prezi presentation of « Same Love »:


Oral Comprehension Test : CO transcript






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A decade to remember (part 1):

The 60’s in the USA:


Pirate radios in GB – a good movie to watch :

Memories of the 60’s p.33 (not to listen to just now !)

Women’s rights: Equal pay





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  1. I wanted to share with you this song frome Metallica.
    It is called ride the lightening and criticizes death penalty, obviously.
    The tittle is quite suggestive, as this song is about the electric chair and the (supposed) thoughts you have in this situation. The electric guitar fits perfectly with the content and the lyrics are just short and disorganized sentences, maybe to imply the panic rushing into your veines as you are about to die. The voice of the singer, which is strong by the way, is a litle bit electrified which adds something to the drama.
    Moreover, and like most of the outcries that you guys shared, it denounces misjudment, which is, in my opinion, one of the obvious reasons to abolish the death penalty as it can not be cancelled afterward.
    Finally, I choose this song because muscians, and especially Rock or metal bands were often held responsible for violence and stuff: in the past with Margaret Thatcher and more recently with Marylyn Manson who was accused to subvert the youth and the Columbine shooters, after the Columbine shooting.
    Here is his interview in Micheal Moore’s movie y’all know:

  2. I saw that a lot of you find very interesting poster, films or music against death penalty. However, there is no document pro death penalty. Even if I am totally against it I think that it is interesting to know the arguments pro death penalty. To beat proponents of the capital punishment we need to kwon their arguments to show them that they are ridiculous. I find a page that oppose in 10 topics (Morality, Constitutionality, Deterrence, Retribution, Irrevocable Mistakes, Cost of Death vs. Life in Prison, Race, Closure for Victims’ Families, Attorney Quality,Physicians at Execution) the big ideas pro and cons death penalty. It is not to old, it was published in 2016.Have a look.
    The link of the page is: https://deathpenalty.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=002000

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