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(Myths and heroes)



Define what it means to you. Then, choose an artwork (examples in PPT below). Be ready to present it and explain why you chose it.

American Dream artwork examples

The American Dream, according to Andrew:

The American Dream, according to Annette:

The American Dream, according to Shaquana:


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Vocabulary immigration (to download / PRINT)

Photo pleine page

Photo pleine page 2

A brief history of immigration in the USA:

You are going to work on different documents. Be ready to present them to your classmates orally. They must take notes.


Video 1:

Video 2:


Video 3:

Doc 4:


Video 5 :

MP3 « The Wall »:


Doc 6 Poems:

Maria Mazziotti Gillan Poems

For everybody:

Song lyrics: underline what is sung by the men and women. Compare and contrast. 

AMERICA by Leonard Bernstein





Homework for Friday Feb 8th Click and download the documents below:

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Look at the posters (the 1st one is also in your book) , describe and discuss:

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Listen (GOA):

MP3 « Getting a gun in Colorado »:

A brief history of the United States (Bowling for Columbine):

Bowling for Columbine trailer :

MP3 « Columbine High School » :

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Jeremy Irons on Death Penalty: https://vimeo.com/13857020

Find videos,  posters (awareness campaigns) or articles against death penalty (not just in the USA). Post them on the website with a comment.

Some excellent documents and comments. Thank you and keep up the good work !

Listen to this judge:

Dead Man Walking execution scene:






Protest songs


Have a look at these websites:



Evolution of US protest music (very good short documentary):

Prezi presentation of « Same Love »:


Oral Comprehension Test : CO transcript






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A decade to remember (part 1):

The 60’s in the USA:


Pirate radios in GB – a good movie to watch :

Memories of the 60’s p.33 (not to listen to just now !)

Women’s rights: Equal pay





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  1. Good afternoon everyone. To carry on about the topic of illegal immigration, I wanted to share this unusual video I saw on Jimmy Kimmel’s show lately. Indeed, Kimmel organized an appointment between the most opposite individuals in the USA : on one side, a family composed of an American soldier, married to a DREAMer, now threatened by the decisions taken by Donald Trump regarding illegal immigration and facing the possibility of being split up on different sides of the border ; on the other side, buoyant Trump supporters, claiming that DREAMers must leave the US even though they are not even responsible of their own arrival in the US. By confronting them to each other, Kimmel allows us to fathom the growing rifts in the current United States and to understand the new face of America, as divided and undermined the US may be. Link : https://youtu.be/5QY5pLQqIYM

  2. Hello everyone,

    I know that death penalty is no longer topical in class but what I just read stunned me.

    Last Wednesday, the state of Oklahoma announced that they were about to adopt a new way of executing people : forced inhalation of nitrogen gas ! You need to know that this dreadful way of killing inmates intended to rarefy the oxygen around the convicted guy until his death.

    This new method is all the more revolting as it has never been used before in the country, until there reserved to the animals’ slaughter, because of the risks inccured and the little knowledge about this method. Moreover, it also happens because of the justified refusal of pharmaceutical firms to supply prisons with lethal products.

    This worrying and controversial news didn’t go unnoticed by concerned people, as Dale Baich, a federal public defender and one of the attorneys representing Oklahoma death row prisoners in a federal lawsuit, who called for prudence and complete transparency.

    If you want to learn more about it : https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/mar/14/oklahoma-death-penalty-nitrogen-gas-lethal-injection


  3. Looking at the posters shared by Ewan and Mathieu M., which link death penalty to racism in the USA, reminds me of a documentary that I saw lastly.

    « A movie, again! », I know right? But, honestly I don’t care, I like movies.


    I am usually not a huge fan of documentaries, however I do have my « documentary phases », in which I can spend days watching them. That’s how I came across this documentary entitled O.J : Made in America, a few months ago.

    There already was « American Crime Story » in 2016, that concerns the controversial and over-broadcasted trial of O.J Simpson, a prodigy football player.

    Nevertheless, this documentary is one of a kind, and as I said, I don’t watch a lot of documentaries, but I can still say that this one is probably one of the best of all times.

    Through the life of O.J Simspon, wrongly accused of murdering his ex-wife and her husband, the documentary pictures not only the injustice made against this man, in all likelihood because of his skin colour, but also the unseasiness of an entire country, divided by a simple case. Plus we got a very detailed depiction of an ex-star who became one of the biggest issue of the United States of America.

    Yes, it almost lasts 8 hours, but for the bravest of you all, it is absolutely worth it, you’re never bored, and for 8 hours the best you can do is admire the briliant work of Ezra Edelman. If you have enough time, please watch it, it is a history lesson, and a cultural masterpiece.

  4. Hello everyone !
    This morning (Friday 26th of January), during the English class, we said that there was no poster in favor of the death penalty. That’s why I wanted to look for one and I found it !

    Poster’s link

    This poster does not come from a harmless site. In the lower right corner we notice that this document promotes the website « voteprodeathpenalty.com »…
    Indeed, the catchphrase of this poster is « Should the killer live ? The victim never had the choice ». I totally agree with the fact to kill the killer BUT only if the evidence of his guilt is sufficient. Unfortunately, there can be many miscarriages of justice…

    Let’s present the poster.
    This poster is quite simple to understand. The dominant color is red, which obviously represents blood. In the background, we can see the written names of people murdered and the date of their murder. For example we can see the names of « Pammy Avent » or « Rule Linda Jane ». This girls were both killed at the age of 16. Their killers are not dead and they have even been released…
    It’s up to you to make up your own mind about this poster.

  5. Evening everyone ! Just a quick comment about an interview I saw a few days ago. I hope Ms. Pénelon will forgive me but the document is actually in French. It’s an extract from France 2’s show « Stupéfiant » : the interview is originally about the issues women encounter in our society but the French film director Maiwenn then talks about the power of culture and art and gives an example we are familiar with. She used to be in favour of death penalty but then she saw the movie directed by Tim Robbins « Dead Man Walking » and the movie utterly changed her opinion. Proof that art is a powerful political means and can bring progress. Watch it ! https://youtu.be/dsvfTkTzwPk

  6. Hi everyone
    I just wanted to share with you a poster about death penalty that I find very moving, although very simple.
    It comes from Amnesty International. There is a yellow background, as the colour of Amnesty International. In the bottom right-hand corner, you can notice their logo ; on the left side, a little lower than the middle, there is the (quite usual) message « End the death penalty ». There is no drawing.
    But what is so… beautiful to me is the catchphrase. That’s so poetic ! Don’t you think it moving ? That’s so symbolic ! Characterizing the so tragic aspect of death penalty that it ends life. The basic principle of death penalty : it kills human beings.
    Look by yourselves : https://thedailyblog.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Screen-Shot-2015-10-18-at-9.13.45-pm.png
    Maybe when one considers death penalty in general one sees death itself as a « secondary aspect ». But this poster brings back to the basis ; and I think no one can be insensible while considering death basically.
    (The metaphor is quite like the « path » I evoked lastly, or the thread Dieyni evoked, replaced this time by a sentence. And death penalty terminates the path / cuts the thread / puts a full stop at the end of the sentence.)

  7. While talking about death penalty, I remembered about something I have seen on the internet :
    « We are making experiments on innocent animals. Instead of killing criminals, why wouldn’t we use those criminals (who are very numerous) to test medicine, product, etc … ?  » ( I don’t remember the exact sentence the person was saying).
    A lot of people will say that it is inhuman to do experiment on people even if they are criminal. Of course but to put an to their life is not very « human » either. Moreover, each year, more than 100 million animals are dying in the USA because of experiments which is also inhuman (source : https://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-experimentation/animals-used-experimentation-factsheets/animal-experiments-overview/). Animals didn’t do anything to deserve that. But do criminals deserve to be killed ? Death penalty exists to punish them. Almost everyone, when hearing about, for exemple, a child rapist, wants him to pay for his crime. Applying this, the point is that we could combine punishment and helpfulness.
    (P.S.: It’s funny how we use the word « inhuman » to talk about something horrible that only a human can do)

  8. I wanted to share with you this song frome Metallica.
    It is called ride the lightening and criticizes death penalty, obviously.
    The tittle is quite suggestive, as this song is about the electric chair and the (supposed) thoughts you have in this situation. The electric guitar fits perfectly with the content and the lyrics are just short and disorganized sentences, maybe to imply the panic rushing into your veines as you are about to die. The voice of the singer, which is strong by the way, is a litle bit electrified which adds something to the drama.
    Moreover, and like most of the outcries that you guys shared, it denounces misjudment, which is, in my opinion, one of the obvious reasons to abolish the death penalty as it can not be cancelled afterward.
    Finally, I choose this song because muscians, and especially Rock or metal bands were often held responsible for violence and stuff: in the past with Margaret Thatcher and more recently with Marylyn Manson who was accused to subvert the youth and the Columbine shooters, after the Columbine shooting.
    Here is his interview in Micheal Moore’s movie y’all know:

  9. I saw that a lot of you find very interesting poster, films or music against death penalty. However, there is no document pro death penalty. Even if I am totally against it I think that it is interesting to know the arguments pro death penalty. To beat proponents of the capital punishment we need to kwon their arguments to show them that they are ridiculous. I find a page that oppose in 10 topics (Morality, Constitutionality, Deterrence, Retribution, Irrevocable Mistakes, Cost of Death vs. Life in Prison, Race, Closure for Victims’ Families, Attorney Quality,Physicians at Execution) the big ideas pro and cons death penalty. It is not to old, it was published in 2016.Have a look.
    The link of the page is: https://deathpenalty.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=002000

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