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Welcome to Masdar city:


Make groups of 3 or 4 and design a PPT presentation focusing on  3 (or 4) eco-friendly innovations that could improve your city (Lyon). Be ready to present your work for the 22nd of May (for the 2ndes 5-6) and 23rd of May (for 2ndes 1-2)

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HOMEWORK for May 29th:

  The class is divided in two :

One part is working on page 101 : Rooftop gardening (MP3 below)- Take notes and answer the questions in your book. Be ready to present the document to the other part of the class.

The other part is working on page 102 : Guerilla gardeners (video below) – Take notes and answer the questions in your book. Be ready to present the document to the other part of the class.




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Watch :





Listen to this MP3 and take notes :

Group 1 « THE MOUSETRAP » ( p. 72) Watch the video and read the documents in your book. Answer the questions in your book.

Group 2 « Murder Mystery meetings » (cf book p.72) Listen to the MP3 and take a lot of notes. DO NOT forget to answer the questions in your book.

Murder in Yateley: Open the PPT, listen to the recording and take notes.

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Homework: Look at the PPT and on the last slide (with link) choose 3 places that you would like to  see and explain why in a small paragraph.

timeline route 66


Download the worksheet below. Fill in the blanks and take notes on both MP3s.

Script MP3 nb 1

MP3 number 1:

MP3 number 2:

MP3 number 3:


Be brave, you can watch it over several days or in one go. There’s everything you need to know (or almost!)

Route 66 Song:




Fish and chips with Indian coupleObserve the photo (cf book) and write a small paragraph about who/what you can see and what strikes you.

Video watched in class:

Movie trailer « East is east’ : what can you say of this movie? Write down all the names you hear. What  is the story about? What issues does it raise?

Benjamin Zephaniah (MP3):

His poem in video:

TEXT p. 60 : A taste of Britain p. 60 questions
1. Muticultural food : find the names of these dishes (they are all in the text p. 60): FOOD

Which one of these dishes would you like to try? Answer on the website.

2. Match the pictures with a verb from the poem (verbs for cooking): PPT vocab cooking





Attention : documents pour projet européen sur la page Erasmus +

Introducing yourself through poetry



What do you think of this poem?


I am a nutty guy who likes dolphins.
I wonder what I, and the world, will be like in the year 2050.
I hear silence pulsing in the middle of the night.
I see a dolphin flying up to the sky.
I want the adventure of life before it passes me by.
I am a nutty guy who likes dolphins.

I pretend that I’m the ruler of the world.
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.
I touch the sky, the stars, the moon, and all the planets as
representatives of mankind.
I worry about the devastation of a nuclear holocaust.
I cry for all the death and poverty in the world
I am a nutty guy who likes dolphins.

I understand the frustration of not being able to do something easily.
I say that we are all equal.
I dream of traveling to other points on the earth.
I try to reach out to poor and starving children.
I hope that mankind will be at peace and not die out.
I am a nutty guy who likes dolphins.


What do you think of this « I am » poem? Answer on this website ! (at the bottom of this page)


Interactive phonetic chart (click on a sound): https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/sites/teacheng/files/TEphonemic_GreyBlue2_0.swf

You can also copy (or copy and paste )  this chart with all the symbols and some example words:




Chapter 1

Life Online

Look in your book p.  14. Do you know all of these logos? What do they represent?  Answer question 1 p. 15 in your book. 

MP3 « Life online« : Listen and take notes

Video to watch and comment (in your notebook):

Dowload the document and fill in the blanks (video) : VIDEO Claire thought she knew with blanks

MP3 ‘Teen talk’: 



59 réflexions au sujet de « 2ndes 2017-2018 »

  1. In this list of dishes I would like to eat the chicken tikka masala with an other dish wish is not in the list but it is parotta [ba:r:cta:]

  2. I think this video about claire is a good way to prevent troubles for the teenagers on internet. The teenager had a good reaction to the sexual predator. Like her , everybody have to report abuse.

  3. In this MP3, we can hear 4 tennagers and they speak about the topic of the social media. For most of them, they say that they are addictive and can’t go one week/day without social media.
    To finish, a journalist asks them some questions to know what they are feeling when they use social media.

  4. I’m glad that i’m not the only one who have the feeling that sometimes I’ve waisted an hour in social media and I don’t even know what I did.

  5. In this mp3, we hear 4 teenagers and a woman. They talk about social networks (Facebook, Twitter …) and their dependence. They say they use them all the time even when it’s not necessary

  6. In this MP3 there are 4 teens and they are talking with a woman about social media.
    They all have social media like facebook, twitter, tumblr … She asked the teens if they are addicted to social media and nearly all answer they are addicted.
    Then she asked how often they check their facebook account. They answer that they’re checking all the time even if nothing is new they check again and again.
    Finnaly the woman says they can spend hours and hours on social media and then says « what did I even do » and they all agree.

  7. Just below the closed captioning of claire’s video :
    – I thought I knew
    – I thought I knew who he was
    – I didn’t want to let him down
    -I couldn’t get away
    – He hurt me
    – It was out of control
    – I couldn’t stop it
    – He made me feel special
    – Like I was the only one
    – The only one he wanted to be with
    – The only one he wanted to talk to
    – The only one he wanted to see
    – You know, really see
    – That’s when it started
    – When I got out of control
    – When I thought I was going to get into trouble
    – But there is a way forward
    – It’s better to tell someone
    – Someone who can make it stop
    – Then it won’t happen at all
    – Now I know you can do something
    – Now I know it’s never too late
    – Cause you see
    – I thought I knew

  8. Hi miss ! I found 2 videos about the awareness campaign. There are Tom and Matt

  9. This video can make some young and naive person realize the people we meet on the internet do not necessarily have good intentions. It may help some people talk about their relationship with older people to their parents. It’s a very good way to prevent this kind of cyber harrassment.

  10. I think that the video « clare thought she knew » is a good warning for young and naive persons who can talk to people with bad intentions on internet

  11. This interview is about internet use.
    The person says that she only uses the internet for news, and google to search for information.
    He does not use much internet because he prefers to do sports …

  12. I think that this interwiew isn’t interesting at all: the two characters (who have different opinions) aren’t open-minded. They can’t debate and they just argue like « HAY IM RITE BCS UR WRONGG M8 ». It doesn’t make sense, in my opinion.

  13. This inteview is very interesting butI don’t share the point of view of the first charachter because I think he isn’t open minded…

  14. The listennig comprehension is very interesting. I agree with the point of view of the first character . I think he has got a good a very good vision of the internet’s in the world .

  15. I think that this dialogue is very cliché.
    Indeed because on a side we have someone who using internet just for the news and things that he doesn’t know and on the other side we have a teenager that always using internet to go to social media and speak with his friends.
    But we can’t say that the internet is just consist of two kind of people, it’s much and much more complicated than that.

  16. It s an interview about the internet.
    It s a men who said he use internet but only fr news and information. Not for the social network

  17. It s a interview about de life online.
    The men use internet everyday but just for the news ans when he search informations.
    He don t want to be connected 24/7 and he likes to be outside in the nature, to practice sport and he don t understand how the people can waste all of their time behind a screen on social network
    And like the women said « we like or not, internet is a part of our lives »

  18. I find this poem is very strange because the autor pretends to be crazy and tell about his love for the dolphins (it’s not comman for a man). I find too this poem is very interesting because the autor shows us his worries for the future and talks about the different human’s problems of today.

  19. I had never seen a poem like that in English!

    I like very much and I find that the author made a beautiful poem.

    I think that he had to a lot think to make it.


  20. I think that poem wants me to reflect on the ideal future, without inequalities.
    The world in peace. The dolphins are to me the symbol of freedom to remind ourselves that we should act freely an naturally like this one .

  21. I think this poem is very interesting because it talks about humanity problem. But, it is weird at the same time when he talks about what he likes and would like to do!

  22. I don’t share the author’s vision of the world. I find that the text isn’t down to earth enough. I find that the text is too idealistic and namby-pamby.

  23. I think this poem is very strange because the author sees a dolphin flying up to the sky.
    Generally, I love this poem but it has no rhymes, which is a shame.

  24. I think this poem is really interesting because it shines a light on real problems like equality behind rich and poor or starvation

  25. I don’t know all these logos whereas I know that they represent social media .
    These logos are logos of famous social media like Facebook or Twitter , the repeated word is ME the word ME is used to define the social media .
    Finally we can say they want us to use them .

  26. Hello, I think that this poem plunges us in a world of inequality through the poor and starving children for example.
    But also, the damages caused by the nuclear holocausts.

    It is for the reason why he dreams of travelling somewhere else.

    That is in a different world.

    Its dream is to have peace for Mankind.

    But what is the world going to be like in 2050 ?

    He Knows that one thing’s for sure and will never change: WE ARE EVERY EQUALS.

    Thus the autor of this poem, uses his pen to express his feelings (the sadness…),
    a kind of mutual aid.

    He is an lyrical poet.

  27. I find this poem a little crazy because on the one hand, the author speaks of nuclear holocaust and on the other of dolphins.
    Furthermore, this poem hasn’t got any rhymes and to me, poems need rhymes, if not , they are not poems…
    Max Defez

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