ERASMUS + 2017-2019

Greek mobility: Don’t forget to send us your research by January 31st.

Here is the PPT and the groups (last slide): Présentation travail – Greece

Theater in English for « Surprise activity » in Greece: 16th March and 22nd March. Please send your ideas of scenarii.


Next meeting Friday Dec 14th 2018 – 11.40 B018

Please have a look at the PPT I am going to show you (the beginning is long and boring, sorry – I just copied and pasted my Greek colleague’s email). Prepare your questions or suggestions!

Présentation travail – Greece

Have a look at the project website!

THINKING ALLOWED : Teenagers have their say on Human Rights

Ronan’s film about the Romanian mobility: Good job !!

Your friends’ presentations in Romania. We are very proud of them, everybody said they gave great performances !

Marcel’s work on the History of France (good and hard job too!):

Romain’s article on the Romanian mobility:

Projet ERASMUS article Romain avec photo



Programme du 2 au 8 mai :

planning bis OK

horaires arrivées départs

Groupes de travail : Groupes-de-travail-français

Correspondant(e)s :


Film ESp

ACCUEIL BENEVOLE – POUR INFORMATION : seul(e)s les élèves bénévoles pour accueillir et participer aux activités de l’accueil  sont acceptés. Il serait injuste de laisser leur correspondant(e) participer sans eux. Les familles bénévoles ne sont pas des hôtels. 

Articles Violaine (en français et en anglais):

Intervention de la CIMADE au lycée La Martinière Monplaisir le 21 mars 2018

Intervention of the CIMADE corrected version


You must go on the e-twinning platform and reset your password. Then, go to the Forum or to ‘Pages’ and write something about yourself. It is needed for the European Commission.

Films Espagne:

You must also go on the FB page of the project, like it and maybe write something or share some photos !

To give you some ideas, here is a nice leaflet on how to debuke set ideas on migrants –  to download :


The film of the mobility to Spain made by Mrs Soudan :




Welcoming in France May 2nd-8th

TOPIC: migrations to Europe, refugees, asylum seekers

Read the following documents, focusing on the rights that are violated at the moment in Europe for all refugees.

charte UE

declaration of Human Rights


Play this game online (not only for geeks!) and in English please

Comic books online:


Watch the  videos below:


Read the article below (on French) and react:


There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.

~ Nelson Mandela ~



Look at all the logos created. Lise’s logo (nb 4) was voted the best, congratulations! And thanks to all of you who participated!

vote logo

About gender inequalities and human rights:



Meeting onThursday January the 11th at 11.40 (in corridor next to B 200) for 30 minutes. It is compulsory, be there !
During the Christmas holidays, you will have to prepare some documents  (not  everyone in the same group). Keep connected  and read/watch the following documents + the ones I send by email. Thanks !

Copie de groupes-de-travail-pour-mobilité-Espagne-3

Posters of important/ influent French women in different domains (science, literature, social progress, fashion, etc)  . Try to think of a list. Ask your teachers ! Some ideas : Sonia Delauney, Olympe de Gouges, Louise Bourgeois, Colette, Berthe Morizot, Sophie Germain, Edith Piaf,  Coco Chanel, Marie Curie, Simone de Beauvoir, Amélie Mauresmo, Elisabeth Badinter, Françoise Sagan, …

Powerpoint presentation (or Prezi) on the evolution of women’s rights  in France +  introduction of the most influent French women in law or public institutions (political for example) Some ideas here : Eugénie Niboyet, Simone Weill, Edith Cresson, Françoise Giroud, Marguerite David, Olympe de Gouges, Martine Aubry, Louise Michel etc.

Visit this website :

Role play: imagine a situation in which there is discrimination/ sexism (both ways) and write the dialogues. The role play will be performed in Spain by at least 4 students.
Powerpoint presentation (or film?) of your school AND of your city (Lyon).
Find some small extracts of French literature about women ( and written by women) : they will be read in Spain – ask your French teacher to help you!
CREATION OF LOGO : please if you feel like you can create a logo for the project, do it! It can be drawn or created on a computer. It has to be connected to the topic of the project. Watch the PPT presentation of the project on the school’s website again or at the bottom of this page. And do not copy a logo that you can find on the net ! 
On January the 11th , the logos will be presented to the Erasmus + group and there will be a vote for the ‘best’ logo. This logo will represent our country for the last logo competition. All students and teachers from France, Greece, Romania, Italy and Spain will again vote for the best logo between the 5 logos chosen by each country.

Send me your logo when it is finished (as soon as possible!!)

Watch , some great ads and documentaries that are really relevant to our topic in Spain:

Liste des élèves retenus : elèves retenus

Page Facebook du projet :

This website is for you : you have to post comments, videos, documents that could be useful for the project. And read (or watch) what I or your friends post. Anybody can contribute, but you must commit yourselves to participate !

Human rights : have a look at this video (maybe some of you could do the subtitles in English and send it to our partners ).


Planning passage des entretiens avec Paige cette semaine :

planning pour entretiens Erasmus avec Paige




Un projet entre 5 pays européens (dont la France)  qui va enrichir les élèves au niveau culturel, linguistique et qui leur ouvrira des horizons en leur faisant partager la vie de leurs camarades européens.  Un projet exigeant, stimulant et  passionnant! Un projet sur l’esprit citoyen,  les droits de l’Homme et qui donne la parole aux adolescents.

Un exemple de projet Erasmus + sur les arts de la rue : des témoignages parlants !

PPT explicatif : Projet Erasmus + pour site web Lycée


Pour y participer, lire l’annonce ci-dessous (également sur le site web du lycée), télécharger l’annexe I et la remplir du mieux possible en y insérant une photo. Faire parvenir le tout à :

annonce élèves France (traduite) 2

ANNEX I – Application form-Thinking Allowed


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