Théâtre en Anglais

1e ‘Frankenstein’

Meeting on Wednesday Feb 13th at 9.20 am salle Victor Hugo, 33 rue  Bossuet, Lyon 6e (metro stop Masséna). Leave your bags at home or at school.

Vocab: frankenstein_vocabulary-new

Please watch the videos underneath! And if you are brave enough, you can read the text of the play

Trailer of the play:

Kenneth Branagh’s movie :



The play (script):


The myth of Prometheus:


Articles related :


2ndes « Prisoner 46664 » Nelson Mandela

Don’t forget, we’ll meet on Tuesday Feb 5th at 1.30pm am in front of Salle Victor Hugo, 33 rue Bossuet, Lyon 6e. Leave your bags at school.

Feedback on the play

‘Long walk to freedom’ – movie trailers:


Growing up with Apartheid:

Nelson Mandela:


Farenheit 451

Related image

Farenheit 451 group work

Farenheit 451 summary themes and characters with blanks

Movie trailer :

Do you think that these trailers reflect the real story ?