2ndes 2018 2019

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Hi everyone ! Welcome to your webpages!

First, learn a little bit about the sounds of English on this website with an interactive phonetics alphabet:


Some good advice and webistes to improve your English:




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What social media do you use and what for?

What about these statistics? Do you agree?


MP3 number 1 « Life online »  Listen and take notes :

MP3 number 2 « Teens on Social Media » 


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13 réflexions au sujet de « 2ndes 2018 2019 »

  1. Good video to raise awareness about social media. Which just goes to show that it is always necessary to be careful to that we publish. To lie on social networks is of no use.

  2. hello,
    I think that the videos we see above show us how dangerous social networks can be for us. That’s why we have to be careful of everything we do on the internet.

  3. Hi,
    I like the video which name is « I like it, Safer Internet Day » because the rythm is catchy and we easily remember the message they want to pass on.
    The children speak so we feel concerned by their message.

  4. I find that the video about the dangers of the internet is very important at this time and that we must pay attention to the internet

  5. I found the video « insta life or insta lie? » very funny because most of the time, this is true. We sometimes show to our friends or our followers something that has not happened or is not true. I think that in this video, the real title will be « insta lie ». :)

  6. I agree with the message of the video « Everyone knows Sarah ». I think it is really important to be careful on social networks. If you are not, your life could be destroyed.
    I understood all the video except when the coach is talking to Sarah.

  7. I think the video « instalife or instalie » represents the life of a lot people, so yes I agree with it. Even if we are not all doing this, to me it’s a bit sad that people post only for their image towards others and not just for their own??

  8. this is a good document because it speaks about social media . the people say social networks is very important for him and he uses social media everyday

  9. I really like these videos because for the first video with Sara, the video explains the dangers of the internet.
    Sara says that when someone posts a video or photo online, everyone can see it.
    « Think before you post ».

    The second video is a song that often repeats « I like it ». On this song we do not see any face in full. The ending sentence is: « When I’m online you respect me ».

    The third video is a little movie on Instagram. A girl post a picture of her on Instagram. Friends like the picture. Then, other post selfies and so on. « Social media isn’t real life »

    Here is the link of a video about the harassment of a girl. She is particularly harassing on Facebook. « https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rGtYs8cRhs »

    Gaël ROZET 2nde5

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