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Have you ever read a detective story?

Do you know famous writers? Famous detectives?

What books, series or films have you read/watched in connexion with detective stories?

Murder in Yately (part 1):
Just to help you out in your inquiry:
https://cooperativeintelligence.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/clue-gograph-source.jpg 1. a rose was found on the body.
https://cooperativeintelligence.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/clue-gograph-source.jpg 2. a box of bullets (one missing) was found in Barry Clark’s house.
https://cooperativeintelligence.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/clue-gograph-source.jpg 3. One button of a jacket was found on the crime scene.


MP3 p. 72 « Murder Mystery Meeting »:
MP3 p. 71:
Worksheet on the MP3 (with drawings): MP3 book detective stories dessins
The Mousetrap trailer:


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "indian couple in front of fish and chips"

HWK for the Xmas holidays : 
  1. Réviser pour Test
  2. Faire un résumé rédigé à partir des notes inscrites sur le document suivant : Definition of multiculturalism



This photo is in your book p. 56. It is a new chapter in your notebook and you have to write and learn the vocabulary (p. 57, 59 and 61).

Describe this photo (where? who? attitudes? what? etc) and react.

Watch these videos and be ready to speak about them :

MP3 p. 58 : Benjamin Zephaniah « A mixed heritage » – Listen and take notes !

The poem p.59 read by Benjamin Zephaniah:

The poem acted out by young British students and B. Zephaniah :

VIDEO « A multicultural Society » : fill in * (remplir)  your worksheet before watching the video , then after. You will only watch the video  in class.


Movie trailer of « East is East »:


PPT ‘HOW TO WRITE A DIALOGUE’ : how to write a dialogue

Copy in your notebook or print it ( to glue in your notebook). Look for the translation of the interjections and dialogue tags (verbs)


Related image

What social media do you use and what for?

What about these statistics? Do you agree?


MP3 number 1 « Life online »  Listen and take notes :

MP3 number 2 « Teens on Social Media » 


COMMENTS CAN NOW BE POSTED ! Please post your comments, videos, links, pictures etc.


Look at this extract of an episode of the series ‘Black Mirror’ and comment:



Learn a little bit about the sounds of English on this website with an interactive phonetics alphabet:


Some good advice and webistes to improve your English:


A documentary to see in the cinema with your ‘Region Card’:


34 réflexions au sujet de « 2ndes 2018 2019 »

  1. This photo of the Indian couple and the Fish and Chips shop made me think of a Bollywood film ( Indian movie ) called « New-York Masala ». It’s the story of an Indian family living in New-York. At one point in the story, we are told that the fast-food place run by the mother is a failure and that the main character had the idea to turn it into a traditionnal Indian restaurant, which will be successful.
    The film is very beautiful and touching but it is very very long, it’s one of the characteristics of Bollywood. :))

  2. Multiculural Britain.
    I agree two videos about the intergration in United Kingdom.
    On a hand I think it’s a very difficult to integrate on a society because when we are a foreign we can be victim of racism because the majority of local people can be narrow-minded and corrupt by lot of strereotyps and other false idea. That why I think it’s difficult to integrate on a society because when à foreign disembark on a new country where they are only local people it’s very complicate for him to integrate on the city because he must learn the local language, habits, culture and when I say culture I think about clothes, food, music, sport, politic,… and all this quickly. If his culture and other are very opposite with the new country I think it’s more difficult.
    But on a other hand I think it’s can be easy to integrate a society if we disembark on a country where they are lot of culture and mixing of them it’s can be easy, interesting and happy to make this big adaptation because it’s can be more easy to meet people with same origins and ask help. On a society with lot of different culture I think the majority of people are open-minded curious about different culture so ask help to somebody become more easy. After, these people became integrate can have babies and are growing up in the country where they parents must integrate to make a better life for they. So these children have the chance to be « totaly » integrate and have two cultures so two languages, two types of habits, clothes and sports, they can eat two type of food everyday. In France lot of people and children have the chance to have two cultures like me: my parents are indian and I live in Lyon since my birth. So I want to share a video of Le Rire Jaune who are two brother french chinese and they make a video about people who have two cultures and differents problems they can meet: https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D-QPs71CvFOs&ved=2ahUKEwjgjqOw1fDeAhUEdxoKHSbZC3EQwqsBMAB6BAgIEAU&usg=AOvVaw0Pc6FZQAy1LtFiCkTad7MX
    I agree all about he said and I have already lived all situations he tell like the langues mixing, food mixing,…except the football and religious story . That why I was very recognized on this video. At 1:43 of the vidéo he said he haven’t same reference whith his friend, when I was young I lived this moment lot of time and it’s more detailed on this video: https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DSlNbUCJzJ4k&ved=2ahUKEwipyrf_1_DeAhUmzYUKHWqvAhYQwqsBMAB6BAgJEAU&usg=AOvVaw0CK2lFOyu776DAvHMWyA7V
    And he maked a video about his language the mandarin chinese if you want to make a idea of language mixing: https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D817klzVO48Y&ved=2ahUKEwiExpSO2fDeAhWmzoUKHV5gDM0QwqsBMAB6BAgJEAU&usg=AOvVaw2TR-ynW4DlgI99zzhMQa8v
    That’s all, good night

  3. According to me, it is very important that a country has citizens from many origins . It brings some diversity and the division sharing (What do you mean ?) However, they can have some difficulty to integrate because of xenophobia or when the people from the same origin stay only between themselves.

  4. Ce n’est pas par rapport aux vidéos mais j’ai vu que sur l’ENT vous m’aviez mis 10/20 et 12/20 alors que sur ma copie il est noté 13/20 et 12/20.


  5. Hello.
    I didn’t watch black mirror but with the video I think it’s a very good series because the story explains very well the transformation from old generation and our generation. Everybody rates everybody else just about their posts (photos, videos, message,…)
    If a criminal posts a funny cat video, everybody thinks he is à good person whereas he is maybe a serial killer.
    Today, everybody can rate anybody in social media about posts so lots of teenagers need to rate » people in real life (irl).

  6. This extract of « Black Mirror » is showing us a future where social media takes over social interaction and where everyone is « rated » by our impressions of them. From my understanding of it, it is implied that everyone possesses this social media (or application).
    I think this is a very wrong system with heavy consequences.
    It would discriminate introvert persons even more. As they don’t like talking too much, and are not willing to let people know of their lives, they would get more « negative reviews » as this is against how the system works. Then, when other people see them, they will see they’re « badly rated », and won’t try talking to them, as that *would hurt their image* .
    On the other hand, more popular people who could abuse the system could use the fact that they’re « highly rated » in order to threaten people. Nobody would oppose them, as that, of course, *would hurt their image* .
    In conclusion, I believe this system to be corrupted, as this would increase bullying and people’s hypocrisy to unbelievable levels, a system that favours your looks, your image, and what you want them to believe you are, while your true self is irrelevant.
    For my faith in humanity, I will hope that such a future will never come true.

  7. The video : « black mirror »

    I think it’s a strange video at first. Then we begin to understand.
    I find the photo fun with the cake.
    There is a slight competition between the two women in the elevator.
    Bethany Jones’s cat is very cute; and we can understand that people are more interested in watching a cat video than a cake photo.
    The title « Black Mirror » could mean that the photos and videos we post are a bit of our reflection, and « black » because it’s a modified, often misleading, reflection.

  8. Hi everyone
    I saw the extract of ‘Black Mirror’ and I found it strange, and even a bit scary. The question is : « where are we going with social media ? ». They are already part of our lives, but I hope they won’t control us, like in the video. Moreover, the lowest rated people may be isolated, become depressive, and, I don’t know, maybe attempt to commit suicide ? It would be horrible.
    Actually, I found only one « advantage » : everybody would be nice, friendly and never bad. It’s better than nothing.
    One more thing to say (or to write) : it’s a good good video to call people’s attention : my rating is 4 out of 5. 😉

    Have a nice week

  9. This day of raising awareness was wanted by the French government in 2015 and several years later, the subject unfortunately remains relevant. In 2018, the day is celebrated on November 8th. This will be the fourth edition. Detect harassment, free speech, allow victims to find the necessary help, are part of the goals of this day.

  10. Internet Danger is very interesting.
    We can understand that Sara is really famous on instagram. Everybody can see her post, and she understands her mistake too late. She is trapped.
    This video aims at raising awareness for teenagers.

  11. We live in a world where social networks take control of our lives. These videos are very informative and make us realize that we must have control over social networks and not the opposite

  12. I want to speak about cyberbullying because is important to fight it and because we gonna speak about it in class. Cyberbullying is like bullying but on Internet (it is obvious but this way my comment is longer) . Bullying is the fact to use strength to hurt someone.
    I said bullying and cyberbullying are the same thing but in fact isn’t totally true because you don’t need to be strong to bully someone on Internet.

    How to fight it ?
    First don’t bully (it is also obvious ), try to help victim of cyberbullying and speak about it around you.

    If you are victim of cyberbullying ( I hope not), I found a video to help you

  13. I recently learned that the Social media Facebook has been used by Trump to win the elections with the help of « Cambridge Analitica » Social media are used to manipulate people and this is bad ! That’s why I’m not on the major social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Others :-)

    1. I agree with you but I don’t think that it is a good reason to stop using social media. Because if you know the danger you are not going to be manipulated. Furthermore I dont think that at our age we are going to follow politics on social media. Most of us use it to chat , send posts or things like that, I personally use them to watch funny posts or for general culture and sometimes for politics but rarely and only when it’s our election. So yes I understand but for me we can be controlled and manipulated by TV news or stuff like that, not just social media

  14. Hello hello, I do not really know what write about the documents but we must write something and so I just wanted to wish you a happy holiday.

  15. The video shows that social networks cut us off from the world that social networks do not reflect real life but it’s just virtual.

  16. Good video to raise awareness about social media. Which just goes to show that it is always necessary to be careful to that we publish. To lie on social networks is of no use.

  17. hello,
    I think that the videos we see above show us how dangerous social networks can be for us. That’s why we have to be careful of everything we do on the internet.

  18. Hi,
    I like the video which name is « I like it, Safer Internet Day » because the rythm is catchy and we easily remember the message they want to pass on.
    The children speak so we feel concerned by their message.

  19. I find that the video about the dangers of the internet is very important at this time and that we must be careful on the internet

  20. I found the video « insta life or insta lie? » very funny because most of the time, this is true. We sometimes show our friends or our followers something that has not happened or is not true. I think that in this video, the real title will be « insta lie ». :)

  21. I agree with the message of the video « Everyone knows Sarah ». I think it is really important to be careful on social networks. If you are not, your life could be destroyed.
    I understood all the video except when the coach is talking to Sarah.

  22. I think the video « instalife or instalie » represents the life of a lot people, so yes I agree with it. Even if we are not all doing this, to me it’s a bit sad that people post only for their image towards others and not just for their own??

  23. this is a good document because it speaks about social media . the people say social networks is very important for him and he uses social media everyday

  24. I really like these videos because for the first video with Sara, the video explains the dangers of the internet.
    Sara says that when someone posts a video or photo online, everyone can see it.
    « Think before you post ».

    The second video is a song that often repeats « I like it ». On this song we do not see any face in full. The ending sentence is: « When I’m online you respect me ».

    The third video is a little movie on Instagram. A girl posted a picture of her on Instagram. Friends like the picture. Then, others post selfies and so on. « Social media isn’t real life »

    Here is the link of a video of a boy being bullied at school. His friend Jordyn helps him out at the end by speaking to the teacher.

    Gaël ROZET 2nde5

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