1e EURO 2018-2019

For your information  – Grilles d’évaluation CO et EO LV1 et LV2/LV3 au Bac (to download) : grilles_CO_EO_LV1_LV2_et_LV3

Psycho worksheet – corrected : PSYCHO séquence corrected

Interesting notes from students (taken from your work): interesting notes fromstudents

Interested in films and Hitchcock’s Psycho? Psycho mise en scène

Shots analysis : 

 PPT Frankenstein pour élèves


Group homework for the holidays (starting in class on Wednesday in B018) TO BE PRESENTED IN CLASS . In groups of 2, present the following to your classmates. You can make a short PPT (2 slides max)
Group work on Frankenstein

G1 Mary Shelley

G2 The Gothic style in English literature

G3 The Romantic style in English literature

G4 Why the novel is subtitled « the modern Prometheus »

G5 « Man and scientific progress » in Frankenstein

G6 « Responsibility » in Frankenstein


Chapter 3 « FAR AND AWAY »
CO Jakarta Slum tours (script : CO Jakarta slum tours script)

Vocabulary worksheet (find the right word or expression related to the definitions):

Far and away more vocab OK

Grilles d’évaluation CO et EO au Bac (LV1 et LV2):


For Tuesday January 15th: Look at the photograph and answer the questions below

Related image

  1. Describe the picture as much as you can. Where do you think it was taken?
  2. React : how does this make you feel?
  3. Find vocabulary and expressions that you associate with this picture.
  4. Is there a message behind it? If so, which one?

Have a look at this website:


What kind of photos has Martin Parr taken related to the theme « Small world »? You should answer this question on the website.

Matin Parr Small World PPT

Interested in photography? http://www.vivianmaier.com/about-vivian-maier/

My destination:


The incredible story of the Pascowitz family:

Like many American outsider-adventurers, Dorian « Doc » Paskowitz set out to realize a utopian dream. Abandoning a successful medical practice, he sought self-fulfillment by taking up the nomadic life of a surfer. Paskowitz took his wife and nine children along for the ride, all eleven of them living in a 24 foot camper. 

Another movie worth watching:


You want to go to the movies? Try this one (release Jan 23rd)




I hope you will be able to watch the rest of the movie « Mississipi Burning » because the end is really enlightening.

Plus, when you come back, expect a written Test on segregation. We will change Chapter after the test.

Have a look at this video and be ready to speak about it:



Image result for photo black man and drinking fountain

Photo by Elliott Erwitt

THE WHOLE GROUP : Describe and comment on the picture above. Reactions?

The Freedom Riders history: watch and take notes


Book p. 89: This can be done in pairs

1e S5 : Read the poem and comment on it in details. 150 words minimum.

1e S6: Look at the painting by Jean Michel Basquiat, describe it + comment on it. 150 words minimum

Image result for strange fruit

STRANGE FRUIT worksheet: Strange Fruit lyrics and worksheet




Jim Crow PPT :Jim Crow ppt

Martin Luther King’s speech:


Malcolm X’s speech :

Can you compare the 2 speeches in the form and content? Comment on website.

MLK’s speech « I have a dream » (subtitled) :




 Any other suggestions for good movies about segregation in the USA?

Your (group) PPT presentations on segregation are here :

Brown v Board

Diapo Rosa Parks

+ More info about the Montgomery bus boycott:

Emmett Till

Greensboro sit ins

little rock nine

The KKK 2.0

The March on Washington


Black Panther movement powerpoint

The real story behind Mississipi Burning:

 Jim Zwerg’s testimony

Oral comprehension:

The whole video:




Have a look and describe this poster, giving as many details as possible. Give your personal impressions at the end.

Image result for Mcdonalds ad Kimaya Kothrud

Look at this PPT about the evolution of some famous slogans:

slogans evolution

slogans-evolution [Lecture seule]

Download (or print) this list of vocabulary related to advertising, and learn the words and expressions. You will need to use them when speaking about the topic.

advertising vocab

Placement products :

Your oral comprehension test (without the cuts I made):

PPT : diffreent sorts of ads

The Maslow Pyramid: read the document given to you and have a look at this PPt and the ads presented. Answer the question.

different ads and the Maslow Pyramid

Useful expressions for debating – to use in class !

Expressions for Discussion and Debate new

public speaking English

Correction of oral Comprehension test : CO ads


Extract of the series ‘Madmen’, have a look !


It has nothing to do with advertisement, but don’t miss this film !



48 réflexions au sujet de « 1e EURO 2018-2019 »

  1. Hello !
    Studying Psycho made me think of this short film I saw on youtube that I quite liked :

    It’s inspired by a tale that Edgar Allan Poe wrote, and it’s the story of a man living alone in a cold and snowy place who falls into madness. I found it interesting how the animation, the music and the voiceover can convey the feelings of the character.

  2. Hey guys, I heard about « Green books : Sur les routes du Sud » and so I heard about the Green book. We didn’t spoke about it but I find it important. The Green book is a kind of Petit Paumé but for Black people in the 60’s. Actually, there is all the restaurants, motel… where the Black can go without being bothered by white. I think it really shows how hard was the segregation in the 60’s.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks Max. Have you ever seen it? I saw in a newspaper that the actor Viggo Mortensen, who plays Tony Lip, won the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
      It has to be a good movie then.

      1. Hey Baptiste,
        Yes I saw it a week ago. Actually I found Viggo Mortensen as gifted as Mahershala Ali. Thank you for the info about the awards !

  3. I saw the film « Captain Fantastic » with my family
    It’s interesting to see an other way of life, even if the children want to be like the others and go to school

  4. Hello

    When I saw Martin Parr’s photo about Mona Lisa, it immediately reminded me of the words of Allen Watts (an english philosopher) :

    « […] And a great occasion is somehow spoiled for us unless photographed
    And to read about it the next day in the newspaper
    Is oddly more fun for us than the original event […] »

    I think these people in front of the painting aren’t enjoying the moment because they are too focused on taking their picture, instead of looking around them.

    Maybe the fact that this painting is so famous has become the main attraction in the place of the actual painting, and people want to see it just to be able to tell their friends « Hey I went Paris and I saw Mona Lisa, it was great ! Look at this picture I took ! », and not to appreciate the quality of the painting.

    For those who want to hear the guy I quoted, here it is : https://youtu.be/muV82quihCg?t=79

  5. Martin Parr made a lot of pictures about what he called « small world » in which he denounces the business around tourism. In my opinion, one of the most communicative picture is the tower of Pisa’s which is also funny.

  6. Martin Parr’s photos denounce the fact that in today’s society, tourists or even, people, aren’t living the moment, they prefer to capture it probably just in order to flex? or show off to their friends. Some of the pictures have a really strong message such as the beach one which can really make you think, some might believe that our world is fake, or even staged.

  7. Good evening,
    In the series « Small World », Martin Parr took 18 photos.
    All of these photos are about tourism.
    Sometimes, they are not real landscapes, and just objects for tourists, like postcards, models, a little sphynx, knick-knacks which remind us of the pyramids, et cetera….

    Maybe he also wants to show that the world is so small that it allows us to visit other countries and cultures (I am not sure).
    There is also a criticism, (like Baptiste said), of us, because there is a real absurdity to create tourism around objects (like the model of NY).

  8. All photos are linked to the theme of « Small world ». All these tourists visit the same touristic places and take the same photos. Martin Parr takes a picture to show us the crowd effect in front of something. It is possible as a tourist to stop at a well-known place and not especially a beautiful one, but to miss something less known but more memorable. For example, a lot of people look at the « Mona Lisa » in the Le Louvre museum and almost nobody is looking at the » Wedding feast at Cana ».

  9. About Andrea’s debate, I talked about a movie, here’s the link of the trailer of MINORITY REPORT :
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG7DGMgfOb8 (it’s a very interesting movie about the control of the data).
    And I think that Martin Parr’s photo speaks about globalization and the fact that people don’t enjoy the present time because of photos.

    1. Hi Maëlle !

      You were right ! The film Minority Report is very interesting. I saw it a second time yesterday and it was better than I remembered. Good suggestion.
      There is an other film I liked, also about population-based informations. It’s the story of Edward SNOWDEN, a young CIA-engineer who realizes that things are gone too far about new safety policies. The trailer is here :


  10. Martin Parr’s photos has taken many pictures that show the absurdity of mankind. Ilt reflects what we really are, from a critical point of view.

    1. I also watched Martin’s photos, and I agree with you. I think he dislikes mass toursism and the stupidity of the consumer society. Many people miss the most important things when they travel and focus on buying souvenirs and taking photos instead of just enjoying the places and forging memories.

  11. Hi !
    This weekend I saw the movie « Malcolm X ». It’s a very great screen biograpy. I think it’s extremely inspirational and also entertaining if you want to see it ( it lasts for over 3 hours)

  12. I just saw a trailer of a new film, The Hate U Give (THUG). Starr, a black teen, sees her friend getting killed by a white policeman and then fights against injustice and racism.

  13. Hey guys I just saw the teaser of « Green books : sur la route du sud » which is an american film wich should be in the cinema right now. It’s about a black pianist who have a white guard and it speaks about segregation in the southern states… I guess you can enjoy to see it

  14. I watched the video which didn’t work in class on Selma
    The violence of the police is just shocking
    They are beating them on the floor, violently, when they were just walking peacefully
    Some people have no heart (they are heartless)

  15. Good afternoon,

    It’s almost out of the subject but I think that the website is a good place to debate, so…. read me:

    I have a question, don’t take it like an attack or something like that because it’s really objective:
    Why do black people run faster than the white?

    When I asked around me, anyone knew it, and this type of « taboo » can be at the base of racism.
    In my opinion, the day we talk about the colour of the skin as we do with the colour of the eyes, it will be the end of racism, so answer me please, let’s debate! :)

    Let’s make this website alive… and not closed…

    Thanks for reading,

    1. Well, I saw an article about that in Science & Vie (the scientific magazine), something like 5 months ago.
      I don’t have an infinite memory, and I can’t remember everything…

      Anyway. All the living species on earth are able to adapt in order to cope with their environment, through diverse processes and mutations.
      Since the human species is widely spread around the globe, we have different characteristics, based on the environment we evolved in.
      Humans who live in Africa are more resistant to sunburns thanks to this evolution.
      Humans who live in northern Scandinavia are able to transform more ultraviolet light into vitamin D.

      Characteristics depends on the environment. Running speed is a consequence of a characteristic (leg muscles development I guess), and this characteristic was probably determined through adaptations due to the environment.

      There are different definitions of racism, and I think this one is the best :
      « Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics « , from the website https://www.adl.org/racism
      This definition doesn’t deny that all humans are the same, but it implies that ethnic difference doesn’t make anyone « less human »

      Thanks for reading, if you don’t agree feel free to say so (and say why !)

      Have nice holidays !

      1. Hi Romain, thank you for your answer.
        You also put a very interesting definition!

        So as you said, White and Black are not equal physically. Thank you science!

        Now I have a question for you:
        To respect a creature, do we need it to have the « human criteria »?

        In my opinion we can just see the differences with us and think: What is the problem? I didn’t find a good answer to this question, so it seems working. I don’t understand what you are getting at here Bastien.
        If we absolutely need to prove that a creature can be classified as human, and so we have to respect it… that’s an inferno, and it will be terrible if science creates modified humans for example…

        Please don’t push the debate on veganism, I heard to much about it. x))

        Just to avoid a double post, I like the film but sometimes, it was a bit creepy… and I don’t really like films that are too realistic in this case :’)
        Alternatively, the actors play really well, and the angle of attack for this difficult subject is nice!

        Thank you for reading, sorry for mistakes ^^

        1. Hello,

          I talked about beeing « less human », but it doesn’t mean that not being human justifies a lack of respect ; animals deserve respect as well. The thing is, in my opinion as long a one has emotions, we need to respect that beeing. It then can apply to « modified humans », clones, cyborgs, ect.


    2. Hey Bastien, I just saw your comment, I’m a year late haha

      I read a post about that on Reddit a while ago but I can’t find it anymore. If I’m not wrong, it’s about genes, and the fact that African people have smaller muscular fibers, so they can stack way more that Asian or European people. And that’s why they can run faster, because they have more muscular fibers.

      I hope I answered your question :)))

  16. I think the speech of Malcom X is a enticement to fight violently. It is not a protest, it is a violent fight for equal rights. It’s the opposite of all MLK speeches.

  17. I listened to both speeches. I didn’t understand lots of information (transcription?). With the little I heard: When MLK is for a peace movement, leader Malcom X seems to be more agressive.
    Once again, history shows us that violence is not the only solution. There’s always one without agressivity. But sadly, people prefer to fight.

    1. I do agree of course. Peaceful protests should be the solution …if they were even heard.
      If only sit ins and peaceful protests had made the world change we would know it by now. Not that I preach violence, obviously. But if you look at History, a lot of social advances were made because people fought for their rights. Not always with violence, but unfortunately often.
      Some movements of protest that were supposed to be ‘peaceful’ descended into riots because of agitators or because of police provocations towards the demonstrators.
      Some examples in History that should not be forgotten :

      Plus, the right to protest is part of the Convention of Human Rights.
      Now, how to protest and stand up for one’s rights is of course another matter entirely. And we can always hope that progress will be achieved without violence, but with committed and active citizenship.

  18. I find it very shocking (from a 21th century point of view) to represent black people this way in the 20th century in cartoons which target kids. For some of them, they maybe didn’t even see coloured people for real, and it was the only image that they had of them…

    1. Romain, your comment reminds me of the comic book « Tintin au Congo » : the representation of colored people is very simplistic and they are shown as dumb and lazy people. This was the representation of African people at that time.

  19. 2 months ago I saw « Black klansman » wich is inspired from a real story. The story is kind of strange but shows you how superficial the kkk is and how strange their arguments are. It makes them look like kids who are crying for no reason.


    1. Last year I saw « Hidden Figures » which talks about three black women who work at the NASA.
      The women had to go to toilets which were different if you were black. One of the women wasn’t near the « black toilet » so she took everyday a long time ?? When her boss discovered this, he tore the paper where « white women » was written.
      I think that this is a very intetesting scene because it was a white man who realised that segregation was very stupid and unfair.

      1. Thanks Maëlle for your interest and your suggestion. I haven’t seen this film but heard about it. It seems that you are the one taking the initiative about posting comments !

      2. I saw this movie too. This scene is the strongest one in the film. I also like the scene when a white astronaut asks the black expert to check again the calculations done by a white man before going into space.

  21. I think that her book can help to make the people aware of racism and the black discrimination that also affects educated or rich black people.

  22. Black discrimination and all discriminations in general are shameful. It must stop as soon as possible. In my opinion, however, Michelle Obama’s book about her life and her fights won’t change anything about it because people who will buy it and read it are the ones who already believe in her ideas : people against black discrimination. She should write a guide about dicrimination specifically and include it in schools.
    Do you think Mr Trump has read it ?

      1. I mean it should be shown at school in order to learn to children good behaviors, because young children are very influenceable for the better or worse.

    1. I think her book will change some minds about racism in general, maybe make some people react, some of them will like it, others won’t see the point of this memoir but I defintely think that she’s helping the worldwide fight against racism.

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