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At the beginning of every lesson, one or two students will speak about a piece of news that struck him/her. Be prepared to speak for 2 mn minimum and to answer questions from the teacher and your classmates. You will be graded (marked) out of 20.

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Image result for Protest songs

Text : protest songs A Kidjo

One of the purposes of music is to help you forget your troubles; another, help you learn from your troubles (some do), and, some will help you do something about your troubles.

Pete Seeger

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The evolution of American potest music:

An example of American protest song (re-visited) – you need to look at the lyrics !

The original version :



Have a look at this websearch and the list of songs. You will work in pairs and present one of them, using some expressions given to analyse Dylan’s song (Masters of War):







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MP3 The Swinging 60’s : Listen and take notes



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Time Magazine Cover (à recopier ou à imprimer) : POSTER TIME MAGAZINE

PIRATE RADIOS The trailer of ‘The boat that rocked’ :

Homework for the Toussaint holidays: 2018_metropole_general_LV1_sujetdebac-1

« Made in Dagenham » trailer :


The scene between Mrs Castle and Rita O’Grady:



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  1. I agree with him because I think that some music can have a very strong impact on our life, in good or event bad moment : a music can be etched for ever in our mind. Moreover, music can make us dream, make us forget problems of life, for a moment, suspend the time.

  2. It is so good to listen to Bob Dylan, the first singer rewarded by the nobel price of literature. And thank you for the remix, I love this artist.

  3. I agree with Pete Seeger, in my opinion music is a great way to help us with our troubles because when we listen to music it’s like we are in another world !!!!

  4. « One of the purposes of music is to help you forget your troubles; another, help you learn from your troubles (some do), and, some will help you do something about your troubles. »
    Pete Seeger

    I really think that this quotation has a deep meaning and specifies the music’s role as a mean to solve your problems, think about yourself…
    Moreover, I believe that music can just create a link between people, whatever their race, their skin color and just bring everybody together, even if they dont share the same ideas.

  5. The fact that big names of the music industry, like Kanye West or Bob Dylan, who used music to protest, affects even more people and brings a new category of population to sensibilize them and rally them to their cause. Recently, there are a lot of artists who protest against Donald Trump like Mac miller for exemple.

  6. I’m agree with Pete Seeger :

    « One of the purposes of music is to help you forget your troubles; another, help you learn from your troubles (some do), and, some will help you do something about your troubles. »

    The music make you realize the reality , the problem that you have . The music make you want to change , to achieve something, to go forward!!

    However, you sometimes listen music just to don’t hear your parents or someone . You stay in your circle ( bubble) and close your eyes in the face of the reality.
    So music is not just a good way and solution for problems.

  7. I think that the meaning of the quotation is that music is a great way to go throught your troubles, and also to learn about them.

    Music is a universal and popular way to spread a feeling around the world, and so lot of people can identify to it.

  8. The video  » The Women of Dagenham  » is very important to show the reality of the era !! The struggle for equality between men and woman…which still exists today !! ( but for different causes )

    Inequality in general is a (subject/topic) that we will hear ( more and more ) and for a long time !! All over the world …

      1. The trailer of Made in Dagenham looks very interesting because through this film we see that the fight for equal pay hasn’t been easy and that women have had to fight relentlessly to establish themselves in a society dominated by men.

    1. Thanks Maïa ! There is also the ‘Methodology’ page of this website that is dedicated to the Terminales…but also other grades.

  9. The movie Made un Dagenham seems to be very good. The reconstitution of the costumes, the atmosphere allows us a real dive info the 60’s. Furthermore, the movie seems to mix the women’s struggle for equal pay, a very important and serious subject, with a little bit of humour and beauty.

  10. The movie Good morning England seems really cool! It’s on Netflix for the ones who want to watch it. You can find it in streaming vostfr as well.

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