1e STI2D 2018-2019

Séquence 4 Street Art 

History of graffiti :  GRAFFITI STORY TEXT

Lists of street artists:



Banksy :

Visit his website at : http://www.banksy.co.uk/

About Banksy : Banksy

Seen’s interview :


Shepard Fairey : 

Séquence 3 : FAR AND AWAY

Image associée

Banksy « Rickshaw kid’

HOMEWORK  Slum Tours : watch the video and take notes



Related image

photography : Martin Parr « Small world »

Powerpoint Martin Parr’s photos ‘Small world’ (choose 2 and justify what drove you to choose them in 50 words each minimum): Matin Parr Small World PPT

MP3 « My destination »:

HOMEWORK for the Easter holiday: Revise lessons and vocabulary from the book (all pages of the chapter « Far and Away »)  / listen again to MP3 « My destination » / write a paragraph of about 150 words : What would your favourite destination and your ideal holiday be? Explain why. TEST on Tuesday 29th April.



For your information – Grilles d’évaluation de la CO et EO au Bac (to download):


Séquence 2 : Black is beautiful

  1. The Freedom Riders (to help you understand the jumbled story of your homework)


2. Have a look at this painting and comment on the website:

Image result for the problem we all live with

Compare with this photo:

Related image


Powerpoint presentations (groups):

The Ku Klux Klan kkk


Listen to the MP3s and compare Martin Luther King and Malcolm X’s speeches:

Martin Luther King:

Malcolm X :


You want to go to the movies? Try this one ! (release January 23rd)

Other films to watch


Exposés pour la rentrée (avec PPT):

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus boycott: Joris, Mohammed, Jessim

Brown versus Board of Education: Thibaud, Mahamoud, Bilel

The March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s speech: Arno, Jérémy

The Little Rock Nine: Nassim, Léo, Anthony

The Greensboro sit in(s): Fabien, Rabia, Nasser

The Ku Klux Klan and segregation : Jean, Robin, Oscar

Adjectives describing people :  adj personnality
L’analyse filmique (en français):

ALIEN La séquence (part 1): ALIEN séquence

Image associée

Photo by Elliott Erwitt

1.Describe the photo giving details.  When? Where? Who? What?   Effect on the viewer?

2. Search on the web : the Jim Crow Laws. Write what they were, where they were put in place  (country / region) and give some precise examples.

Correction D.S/   PPT ‘HOW TO WRITE A DIALOGUE’ : how to write a dialogue

The brutal murder of Emmett Till:


Séquence 1 : E-sport

Image result for e sport

What does this picture inspire you?

Listen to this MP3, take notes :

COMMENTS CAN NOW BE POSTED ! Please post your comments, videos, links, pictures etc.

Read this article and look up for vocabulary you don’t understand. Then, try to underline/highlight the main ideas.

eSport article


A video to watch while I am in Romania. Watch several times, take notes and write a summary in French. Your paper might be collected and marked, so do the work!

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