1e STI2D 2018-2019

Séquence 2 : Black is beautiful


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Photo by Elliott Erwitt

1.Describe the photo giving details.  When? Where? Who? What?   Effect on the viewer?

2. Search on the web : the Jim Crow Laws. Write what they were, where they were put in place  (country / region) and give some precise examples.

Correction D.S/   PPT ‘HOW TO WRITE A DIALOGUE’ : how to write a dialogue

The brutal murder of Emmett Till:

Make 5 groups of 3 students and one group of 2. You will be assigned a topic  and you will need to present a Powerpoint on important events of the segregation era  (3 slides minimum and 5 max) with photos / useful information like names, dates, keywords. You will present your work on Tuesday Dec 18th.


1.Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott

2. Brown VS  Board of Education

3. The March on Washington and MLK’s speech

4. The Little Rock Nine

5. The Greensboro sit in(s)

6. The Ku Klux Klan and segregation

On December 11th , we are going to see the movie « Alien » at the cinema Comoedia. We will work on it before and after.

Meeting at the cinema at 9.10 am at the latest.

ALIEN La séquence (part 1): ALIEN séquence



Séquence 1 : E-sport

Image result for e sport

What does this picture inspire you?

Listen to this MP3, take notes :

COMMENTS CAN NOW BE POSTED ! Please post your comments, videos, links, pictures etc.

Read this article and look up for vocabulary you don’t understand. Then, try to underline/highlight the main ideas.

eSport article


A video to watch while I am in Romania. Watch several times, take notes and write a summary in French. Your paper might be collected and marked, so do the work!

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