1e STI2D 2019-2020



Vocabulary – learn it by playing  games / copy and paste the link: https://quizlet.com/472211914/science-fiction-flash-cards/?i=k7nhc&x=1jqY


1.Compréhension écrite -> 1984 chapter 1 extrait CE (to be done and sent on my email address by March 20th) : michele.penelon@laposte.net

2.Look at this poster by Shepard Fairey, a street artist. It describes a dark future, a dystopia. What elements of dystopia do you recognize? Which already exist in today’s society? Comment at the bottom of this page.

Shepard Fairey


Science Fiction film posters -> posters sci fi sur A4

Science Fiction film summaries -> summaries posters

Documents given on Friday 17th:


posters sci fi sur A4

Unit 22 EMPOWERING THE DALITS (Book p.212)

Look at this picture (in your book p.212) , describe it and answer the questions


1.  Description (in details)

2. Where do you think it was taken? Justify your answer.

3.  Imagine what sort of life they must lead (ex: they probably … We can suppose they …)

4. What is the photographer’s intention?

Fiche vocabulaire du chapitre : vocab

Description 1st photo (with blanks): photo p212 texte à trous

vocab pour texte à trous

VIDEO 1 : Who are the Dalits? (video)

Fiche questions video: worksheet Who are the Dalits

VIDEO 2 : watch and take notes. Name of the woman : Hausa Sasane


border wall2Vocab Unit 1 : vocab

Describing: Describing a poster or a photo bis (photocopy given in class)

PPT with photos of walls : walls


Extra vocabulary to help you present your photo : Help for description photos

Summaries for description walls (examples) to write in your notebook : Summary of some walls around the world STI2D

In your book p. 311 there is a special page to help you describe a picture.


Video 1 – Watch and react (take notes in your notebook)

 Video 2 – Watch several times and take notes

HOMEWORK – Read the text p. 16 and answer the questions on the worksheet here -> wksheet 1


Revise Classroom English here : We speak English in the classroom

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