2ndes 2019-2020


VIDEO 2 « Culture boom in Harlem » – Watch several times and take notes

Notes on this video / correction – click here -> Video Culture Boom in Harlem

HOMEWORK / Now  write a summary in FRENCH. 

Poem « I too » p. 19 (Worksheet given in class as homework). 

Poem recited by Langston Hughes himself. You have to learn it by heart GROUP 2: Thursday 10th October  / GROUP 12 : Friday 11th October ) –

Langston Hughes : Langston Hughes


MP3 Harlem History (extract): listen again and write a summary* (résumé) in English in your copybook.

Website on Harlem Renaissance : https://historyoftheharlemrenaissance.weebly.com/index.html


Photo p.16/  This is a huge mural on which we can see Dizzie Gillespie, a famous trumpet player (jazz), located in Harlem,a neighborhood of New York City. The colours of the mural are ………

Maps p.17/ New York City is composed of 5 boroughs, and Harlem is a neighborhood in Manhattan. Actually, Harlem is divided in two: East Harlem (where a lot of black people moved to in the 1920’s) and El Barrio (a lot of Hispanics live there).  Manhattan is situated north West of New York City and is well known for its many landmarks, for exampleCentral Park (the biggest urban park), ………..

Grammar: the present:

Grammar exercices on the present tenses book p. 24


Extract of the movie « The Cotton Club » (a reknown club of Harlem):


Revise Classroom English here : We speak English in the classroom

Phonetics : /i/ and /I/      /ae/ and /a:/

Look at this website: https://www.anglissime.com/anglaisplus/agpages/des-voyelles-a-bien-prononcer.php4

Phonems (vowels and diphtongs on MP3) : PHONEMS

Phonems MP3: