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MP3s : correction of questions on the Handmaid’s Tale.

Text p. 164


Text p.165


HOMEWORK for March 19th: YOU MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK, that’s essential if you want to make progress. And I will count it as a mark for the 3rd term  / note de travail fourni en période de confinement.

1.p. 163 in your book – read the text and answer the questions A to D, then F. To be sent on my personal email address by March 19th : michele.penelon@laposte.net

2. Trailer ‘the handmaid’s tale’ season 1 – Watch and comment at the bottom of the page.

Margaret Atwood’s novel « The handmaid’s tale » (full video):

Mind map (to copy in your notebook and learn the vocabulary):  mind map

mind map ppt

Two groups (PPT here ->): murals Utopia and Dystopia

1ères G1

A/ from the top of the list to Clément Anatole: description and analysis of mural on slides  1 et 2

B/ from Copin Guénolé to the end of the list  : description and analysis of mural on slide 3

1e G6:

A/ from top of the list to Dnedia Farès: description and analysis of mural on slides 1 and 2

B/ from Durand Marion to end of the list : description and analysis of mural on slide 3



Grilles d’évaluation -cliquez ici -> S0BAC21-1e-Tle-COM-LV-aide_a_l-evaluation_1207032

Un site à consulter absolument : http://quandjepasselebac.education.fr/category/bac-2021/

Date évaluation : mercredi 5 février après midi. Vous devriez recevoir des convocations. Attention: ne pas utiliser de ‘blanc’ (type Typex, souris, etc) sur vos copies qui seront scannées. Ecrire lisiblement et barrer proprement si vous avez fait une erreur.


ORAL COMPREHENSION  (homework for Xmas holiday):


Open the PPT presentation below and answer the questions (slide 2) in your notebook: The Dalits photos 1e séance

photo p212

Watch the video and take notes – Be ready to speak about it it orally. 

Watch the video (book p. 214) and take notes (the questions in your book will help you) – the woman’s name : Hausa Sasane

Chapter 1 : WALLS APART

border wall2

voc pour pair work WALLS

Examples of walls studied in class (to be copied in notebook): examples of walls

PPT walls around the world: walls

More vocabulary (to write and learn) : vocab

Video (watch and react):

How to describe a poster or photo: descrbing a poster or photo (photocopy  given in class)

Link words : Liste de connecteurs logiques et mots de liaison anglais

 VIDEO 2 / GLOBAL COMPREHENSION : What does this video show exactly? From whose point of views? 

 Video 2 (book p. 16) The history of the border

Are ‘walls’ only physical borders? Read the text p. 17 (The hate U give) and answer the questions in the worksheet below (click on it)  : wksheet 2

Compréhension orale – grilles du bac : grilles_CO_EO_LV1_LV2_et_LV3

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