Terminale Euro 2019 2020

CEC (Cambridge English Certificate)

Some info on this (non mandatory) test. Needless to say that it is not easy and that only those who feel up to it should register. The format of the exam is very different from the ‘Bac’ and you really have to be prepared, should you choose to take it. 




Homework  ORAL COMPREHENSION. Choose one of those 2 videos:


GROUP WORK : Work in groups of 4, choose a topic and do some research (cf examples of topics below). You will have to produce a short documentary on this topic and send it to me by October 25th (using Wetransfer).

The power of music in the 60’s / The hippie movement / Space exploration / Counterculture  / Fashion in the 60’s / Feminism in the 60’s / Cinema in the 60’s / the Vietnam War / the Cold war

MP3 Memories of the 60’s:

Trailer « The boat that rocked » :