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Axe Innovations scientifiques et Responsabilité  « UPGRADING HUMANS »


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Axe Art et Pouvoir  « DON MC CULLIN and photography »

Can we say that photography as art can raise awareness and change people’s mindsets?


HOMEWORK for October 15th: read the quote below and comment on it (methodology at the end of your book) – 2 to 4 mn. Record yourself on MP3 format (NOT reading your notes please) and send it by email. Thanks !

In today’s world of grocery store tabloids and digital manipulation of images, the photojournalist must still tell the truth. There is no need to « set up » reality. There is no need to lie to a community that bestows* (accorder) its trust.’

In the light of this quote by Mark M. Hancock,  what impact does photojournalism have nowadays? Discuss, giving arguments and examples.  

HOMEWORK for October 8th: be ready to do your near-perfect presentation in groups !

This is how you will be marked –> Grille éval présentation en groupe

You will also have Oral Comprehension (DONE)


Another Oral Comprehension about Steve Mc Curry (easier):

Worksheet -> DONALD-MC-CULLIN-séquence

Some great photographers that you should know about: Sarah Moon,  Man Ray, Margaret Bourke-White, Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier Bresson,  Sebastião Salgado (in La Sucrière recently), Steve Mc Curry (in La Sucrière 2 years ago), Dorothea Lange, Cindy Sherman, Martin Parr, Weegee, Elliot Erwitt, Robert Capa, Robert Frank, Annie Leibowitz, Brassai, Walker Evans (and so many more!)

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