2ndes Année 2020-2021

Séquence 6 « The most beautiful thing » 

When Deafness Is Not Considered a Deficit - SAPIENS

The Blind : "Au sein du 9ème Concept, il y a une incroyable ouverture vers  de nouvelles idées artistiques" - Artistikrezo

Graffiti in braille for blind people ( The Blind, Nantes, Fr)

Listen to the MP3 and take notes :

Séquence 5 « WWOOFING »

Watch the video several times  and take notes:

Look at the website (‘How it works’)   : https://wwoof.ca/

Go to the FAQ and find the answers to the following questions : FAQ anglais

Powerpoint –> Are you ready to go WWOOFing

Video 2 « WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A WWOOFer »  – Watch and take precise notes (how  many speak and what does each one say?  etc.) 


Video 1:  watch,  take notes and answer questions a/ b/ c/ in your book p. 140 


HWK for Monday May 3rd  –> Research « JUNETEENTH ». Read small article p. 192 + the tweets (doc 2) and answer questions a and b. 

A video you can watch about Juneteenth :

Correction ex gram p. 194 –> EX gram 1 2 3 sur le passif

Text p.191 : questions and correction (done online): Questions extract Underground Railroad p191 and Correction questions Underground Railroad p191

1/ Video to watch + document with questions on the video https://youtu.be/ajs39UWXbGM
 Questions on the video for the oral comprehension : VIDEO CBS This morning Whitney plantation
2/ Grammar exercices book p. 194
If you can watch the film ‘Seven years a slave’, it would be great. Don’t forget your vocabulary :wink: ! See you in May !

A tribute to Harriet Tubman p190 (doc 2): Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad NHP VC4.jpg


Watch the video and take notes. Then fill in the blanks in this workheet (to be copied or printed for those who were absent  today – Thursday March 25th) –> Video Harriet Tubman with blanks


HWK /read the comic strip p. 188-189 and answer the questions about the story.

Synthèse documents A, B, C –> trace écrite p186 187

Group 1 document 1: https://vimeo.com/302978547

ou : http://premierwuzhere.com/videos/watch-kendrick-lamars-performance-at-the-58th-grammys/

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 15: Rapper Kendrick Lamar performs onstage during The 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)

You can also listen to the MP3: https://www.theverge.com/2016/2/15/11004624/grammys-2016-watch-kendrick-lamar-perform-alright-the-blacker-the-berry

Group 2 Document 2:

Read the small paragraph in your book p. 187 about Alvin Ailey’s « Revelations »

Group 3 Document 3: Trailer of the movie « 12 years a slave » 




 Correction CO Banksy : script CO Banksy Cosette

Séquence 3 « WILL YOU BE BANKSY-ED? »


Ecrire un article de journal –> Méthode article en anglais

HWK : Revise vocabulary (p. 85 to 87). Listen to MP3 + read article p. 87 and answer the questions p.87


Watch the video and take notes in English (vocab: Sotheby’s)

Revise vocabulary and lessons on Banksy.

Watch the video below, take notes in English and write a paragraph in French.


Correction pictures ‘lovers with mobile phones’ and ‘slave labour’ : 2 pix of Banksy

PPT presentation with 9 different slides (paintings) : Banksy PPT 9 slides

Drawing challenge : One nation under CCTV by Banksy

Listen to the MP3 (p.84) and copy the script:


Listen, look  and take notes:




HWK for Tuesday (group 10)

Be ready to present your document (poem OR text about Johana) to the other group

Listen to this MP3 and take notes :

HWK for January 4th

1.Revise vocabulary and lessons – you will have a test on this sequence on Thursday.

2.Write a film review of East is East (100 words minimum – 200 words maximum)


Christmas Illustration funny xmas cute Silly artists on tumblr artist on tumblr artistsontumblr Artistontumblr rewfoe hamcat ham and cat ham&cat ham & cat rewfoe •



Extract of the book « From Somalia with Love » p.75 (analysis to copy in your notebook)  –>  From Somalia with love

Imagine Safia’s lines (répliques) – You will act out the scene in class.

Benjamin Zephaniah (MP3) with worksheet (on Powerpoint doc)

PPT document to help you with B. Zephaniah’s interview : carte identité B Zephaniah

Article  : Second Generation article (book p. 74) Questions a/ and b/

HOMEWORK : Grammar tuto (the present perfect p. 80) -watch the video and do ex 1 and 2 p. 80 (1st part of the page.

Video (with worksheet):

Worksheet video :multicultural-britain-information-gap-activities-video-movie-activities_83273

Describe and comment the photo (help on slide 2)  : ppt Indian couple and Fish and chips

Indian couple worksheet

Correction  description photo  –>  This picture shows a couple in their 50’s

 Video Group A: what sort of document is it? Write down everything you understand (in English) 


Video group B: what sort of document is it? Write down everything you understand (in English) 



Bring your books!


HOMEWORK for October 13th (2nde gp 10) and 14th (2nde gp 5) . Article 2 p. 20 – Worksheet here -> wkb p20

HWK for October 15th (everybody) :  Video Gentrification in Harlem. Watch several times and take notes :


HOMEWORK for October 12th (2nde groupes 5 and 10): Read the article p.20 and look at the 2 photos of the same building. Then answer the questions on the worksheet. Click here -> Times they are changing

And of course, learn the poem by Langston Hughes !

HOMEWORK for October 3rd:

  1. Video Culture Boom (voir au dessous) -> savoir en parler en anglais d’après vos notes + avoir lu l’encadré sur le mouvement ‘Harlem Renaissance’
  2. Vocabulary p. 16 à 19 à recopier et connaitre pour l’utiliser
  3. Lire le poème de Langston Hughes p. 19 et répondez aux questions a/ à d/ p. 19.  ATTENTION : ce poème sera à apprendre par coeur pour la fin de semaine prochaine, donc entrainez vous ! Ecoutez le plusieurs fois (ci dessous)

Read the summary of « The Harlem Renaissance movement »  in your book p.18 (encadré)

VIDEO  « Culture boom in Harlem ». Watch the video several times, stop it whenever you want, and take notes.


Harlem History MP3: take notes / write down the key words and expressions. What is this document about? What does it say about Harlem?







We speak English in the classroom. (I can give photocopies if you want,  just ask me !) Click here -> We speak English in the classroom

Correction ex grammaire -> correction grammar-revision-present-past-future-tenses

PPT about your teacher : who am I tableau PPT 2020

2nde groupe 5 : à recopier dans le cahier (fait en classe) : Portrait

2nde groupe 10: portrait à imprimer ou recopier dans le cahier + remplir et répondre aux questions. Portrait 2Nde groupe 10












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