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The treaty of Waitangi (text + questions) – to be downloaded and printed if possible. We will work on it in class.

The treaty of Waitangi text   + Questions the treaty of Waitangi

Ta Moko – the legend:


Correction text 1 –>  Correction questions text 1

How New Zealand was created according to the Maori legend:




Correction CE (click here) –> Correction-CE-1

1.You will finish the oral presentations on your Native American street art (in pairs)

2. New chapter and video to watch. What is it? Your reactions? 

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If you can watch it, there is a documentary on Arte in English  called  »Killing the Indian in the child » (similar things happened in the US):

  1. The full video of Chip Thomas and the Navajo nation (there is also a nice one on Discord)

2/ Written comprehension:

test CE documents and Test Comp écrite

Pair up and find a Native American street art work. You will need to  speak to the rest of the group (not to have the same picture).  You will present the artwork to the rest of class (description + analysis). No more than  2 slides for a PPT. 

Read the text about street art in Indian Alley,  LA  (« Painting to Heal »)  p. ? and answer the questions. 

Native Americans speak about reservations in one word :

Mind map Native Americans: 



HOMEWORK for the holidays

1.Everyone, listen to the MP3 and take notes :

2.In groups, watch a video and be ready to speak about it to the rest of the class:

Video 1:


Video 2:


Video 3:


Video 4:

Video 5:


Axe Art et Pouvoir


Script CO Shepard Fairey. Click here –> script CO Shepard Fairey


Correction « Fanning the flames » p. 99 –> Questions fannning the flames

Article p. 99 : answer questions c, d and e.

Step 5 (for audio guide) : what new causes does the artist support nowadays (or denounces) and how?


Describe the photo thoroughly and what it represents / symbolizes  (it is also in your book p.  96) – What technique is used? Where is it located and why? What do you know about the artist ? Use some of the vocabulary given in this chapter of your book.

Vocabulary for this sequence is in your book and needs to be learnt.

HWK for January 7th:

1.Watch the video and take notes. Be prepared to speak about it in English or in French. Answer the questions about it p. 98.  Prepare for Step 3


2. Revise vocabulary

3. Read article p. 98 and answer the questions

Have a great holiday !

Christmas Illustration funny xmas cute Silly artists on tumblr artist on tumblr artistsontumblr Artistontumblr rewfoe hamcat ham and cat ham&cat ham & cat rewfoe •


Be prepared for Step 1 : Audio guide room 1.  La première étape de cette tâche finale consiste à présenter l’artiste, son parcours et ses parti pris artistiques (le street art,et l’art clandestin ici). Faites des recherches sur Internet.

Video to watch for Friday 11/12 (and take notes):



Axe Innovations scientifiques et Responsabilité




HOMEWORK (holiday):

a. CE text « Never let me go » –> WC Never let me go

b. Grammar exercices (on the left) : ex grammaire

c. Brave New World –> Brave New World questions

Vocabulary : vocab A


Biohackers :

Groupwork for october 10th : Group-work-voice-over-for-invention

HWK for Oct 8th : Video Group A (be ready to present it to group B)


Video Group B (be ready to present it to group A)


Photos to analyse and comment on  -> doc A et B intro

Doc A : The opening picture is built as a timeline showing the evolution of mankind, from ape-like creatures in the background, to augmented beings who wear implants and who look like cyborgs, in the foreground. The picture was used as the cover of the April 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine, which dealt with transhumanism. At first, in the background, the first man is pictured as an ape, but the picture shows that humans have evolved, and the reason is shown in the foreground with the eye-implant: technology has enabled humans to make progress and become smarter and more advanced.

Doc B:  The three characters are very different and want to change either their bodies or skills/abilities. Zach used to be a sport guy when something happened to him (an accident?) He wants to be able to play his favourite sport again even if it means going through surgery or having to wear a special outfit. David is obese / overweight and everyone is making fun of him / taking a piss/ gives him shit about his weight. He cannot meet girls because of his appearance and wishes he had muscles –no fat – and get rid of his ridiculous nickname. As for Ted, he wishes he could control people’s minds and make them obey him.

Video to watch and summarize. What questions are asked? Write as many as you can.


Extract of ‘Years and Years’ episode 1 (BBC series)

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