The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time

For the book study, you will take the other side of your notebook OR a specific folder (plastic or cardboard) 

1st Chapter (click and listen): Chapter 2 Curious incident

Chapter 7 (click and listen): Chapter 7 Curious incident

Introduction worksheet  here –> The Curious incident intro  (word doc) / The Curious incident intro (pdf)
Chapter 1 –>  The Curious incident Chapter 1 (word doc)  OR The Curious incident Chapter 1 (pdf)
Reading  for the holiday : read until Chapter 79 (p. 64) For each chapter, take a few notes (when possible and relevant) : what you learn about Christopher, his family, his pet, his school, his habits, what he likes or not, what he thinks.  Also take a few notes about what is happening in each chapter.

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