2ndes 2021/2022

SEQUENCE 4 « Breaking the chains »

The Whitney plantation :


Harriet Tubman : A kid explains history: Copy (or print)  the 1st part [jusqu’à ma remarque en rouge] and fill in the blanks: Video-Harriet-Tubman-with-blanks

Harriet Tubman : A kid explains history


Why you should read Huckleberry Finn (worksheet given in class):


Watch the trailer of the movie « 12 years a slave » and take notes (who? where? when? what? why? atmosphere created? etc. ) Would you like to see this movie? (why or why not?)

Presentation slavery

group A : Kendrick Lamar’s performance in 2016. Copy the link below on your browser:


group B: Alvin Ailey « Revelations » (video below) + Check what « gospel » is.

SEQUENCE 3 « Have you been Banksy-ed? » (p.84)

The Berlinale's Invisible Man: Secretive Graffiti Artist Banksy Stays in the Shadows - DER SPIEGEL

Check this out : http://banksy.co.uk/shows.html

MP3 to listen to : 

2nde gpe 13 / dictation MP3 (début) –> An accomplice at the auction

Express what was Banksy’s message (goal) for each of the artwork in the powerpoint (group presentations)–>Banksy PPT 9 slides (vary the structures)

Another prank at the auction house :


Watch both videos below (one is silent and is one of Banksy’s prank in Central Park, New York) / the second one is for your oral comprehension –> paragraph in French)

For your oral comprehension:


Powerpoint (diapos) pour travail en groupes – exposés vendredi 11/02: Banksy PPT 9 slides

Résumé (Mobile lovers and Slave labour) –>  2 pix of Banksy

Street art vocabulary (mind map in class) + vocabulary to copy and learn from p. 85 until the end of the Unit.

SEQUENCE 2 « Multicutural Britain »


Script CO Multicultural London –> Script CO bis

HOMEWORK for the Christmas holiday

1.Revise chapter and vocab (test CE and EE on Monday 10/01 OR Tuesday 11/01) 

2.WRITE a film review (East is East, watched in class) of about 150 words (summary of the story and your opinion, justified by examples) . CLICK here for help –> Ecrire une critique de film

3. Grammar exercices p. 80/81 (look at the grammar Tuto BEFORE doing your exercices)



13/12 From Somalia with love – p. 75 – read the text and answer the questions in your book.  HWK –>  Write a full dialogue between Safia and her mother. Use Safia’s mother’s words and invent Safia’s answers + make the dialogue longer.

HWK Text p. 74 (correction) –> text p.74 – correction

02/12 Homework for next week : 1. Vocab + lessons /  2.  Read text in your book p. 74 (Text document 2) and answer questions A, B and C in your notebook. Youc an also watch this video that goes with your worksheet on Diwali.

30/11 DIWALI : An Indian festival

30/11 HWK : revise vocab p. 73 and 75 + paragraph about the Indian couple in front of the Fish and Chips shop. 

 Video « Multicultural Britain » – With worksheet- Please take some notes and write down as much as you can. Click here –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiwFCc6njl0&feature=emb_title

Worksheet summary: This picture shows a couple in their 50

ppt Indian couple and Fish and chips


mural Dizzie Gillespie

group 1 p. 21 (MP3):

OR/ and video

Homework for Tuesday19/10: Grammar exercices book p.24. Lire les explications en haut de la page.

Gentrification in East Harlem : watch and take notes (à corriger en classe)

Script CO –> CO LH corrigée

Poem : « I too » by Langston Hughes (p.18 or 19)

“I, too”, written by Langston Hughes, is an iconic poem of the Harlem Renaissance whose main theme is the desire for equality on the part of black Americans, and this desire to show that patriotism is not reserved to white people. It is written from the point of view of a black servant in the service of a white family, who asks him to leave as soon as guests arrive.

evaluation poème

 Culture boom in Harlem (watch and take notes):

Correction video  – script  : Script-Culture-Boom-in-Harlem-p18. with colours docx

Correction Book p. 16- 17 :

Doc B. We can see Central Park, Harlem, the Apollo Theater, the Hudson River, etc. NYC is composed of 5 neighbourhoods (names on photocopy). Inside Harlem, there is a Latino neighbourhood called El Barrio (meaning -> Hispanic origins)
Doc C. key words -> immigrants, poverty, crime, discrimination, activism, music, art.
This document is a short audio from a video about the history of Harlem. It says that even though Harlem faced poverty, crime and racial discrimination, it fought against all of that. Indeed, it  contributed to the Civil Rights Movement and welcomed immigrants. Finally, it contributed  to the art and music scene of the USA.
Conclusion –> Harlem has a complex history and a rich culture.

Maps –>New York City and Harlem


Classroom English (basics) –> We speak English in the classroom – Copie

Teacher’s portrait –> Portrait 2Nde


Les sons longs   [i :] ex : speak       [ae :] ex : car

Les sons courts   [i] ex : tip             [a] ex : cat

Les diphtongues (2 sons)     [ai] ex : shy         [ei] ex : play

Classez les mots dans 6 colonnes auxquelles vous donnerez un titre (le son entendu entre […] )

Rabbit – meet – hit – treat – this – it – shark – bat – mattress – flip – back – may – april – why – mix – believe – pastry – strike – Mike – sick – bark – teapot – apricot – take – shiny