Terminales G 2021/2022


Tribes take measures to slow spread of new coronavirus - ABC News

For May 9th / Homework: Text p.64 and questions on the side.  Be ready to present your video in groups. You will have a TEST on Native Americans !

MP3/ What is a reservation ? Note down everything you understand (questions asked and answers / topics and information given)

Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:


Group 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SM8WZ0ztMuc&feature=youtu.be

Group 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJapHc7B8Xs&feature=youtu.be

Trail of tears and Indian wars :Indian wars for group / Trail of tears for groups
quotes and maps PPT intro

Who were the 1st People? (short video):



Visual Disobedience, l'exposition de Shepard Fairey à Hong Kong - Galerie Itinerrance

Describe the picture (also in your book), read the article (in your book : Chapter « Propagand’Art ») and answer the questions on the article.

Correction questions on the Amplifier Foundation and article on OBEY brand ( à imprimer ou recopier) : doc p. 98 and 99

The Amplifier Foundation (video): Shepard Fairey’s association with an anti-Trump movement has resulted in the « We the People » campaign, a follow-up to the movement #notmypresident in 2017.

Correction part B (Written Comp) –> correction DS S Fairey 2022

PPT introduction –> propaganda PPT 1 intro

Correction description mural in Hong Kong (à recopier dans cahier) : correction doc p.96

Oral comprehension  and worksheet here –> 01-eWB-Shine-Bright-terminale-FILE-09


Bien repérer la tâche finale (faire un audio guide à 3) dans le livre – lire step 1, step 2 etc jusqu’à step 5. Vous pouvez commencer votre audio guide dès maintenant en répondant au Step 1. Cet audio guide terminé et sur MP3 sera à renvoyer à la fin de la séquence (en mars). 

 Séquence 3  Movie The Piano

Compare the 2 posters (French and English), then analyse the composition (shot / characters / even the title)



Read this carefully (it is in French) –> fiche-eleve-La-Leçon-de-Piano-de-Jane-Campion

Opening scene : The piano opening élèves 1

Video that explains what the major movie shots are (stop at 3mn22):

Camera shots  (written memo) –> Major shots

GROUP WORK – Choose a topic and work in groups of 2 to 4. Make sure you include screenshots on your powerpoint presentation (to be done just after the Christmas holidays) DO NOT choose the same topic , so speak together –> group work

Link to get the screenshots for the group work –> https://public.joomeo.com/albums/61b1ea08e23f7

Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61ooIf1QDZo



Axe Territoire et Mémoire « Maoris yesterday and today »

panneau attention


A regarder : https://youtu.be/Tc0eXUQ-eGU

TEXT and questions about legal personhood : Venerating Mount Hikurangi

1.Read text about the treaty of Waitangi  (given in class) + answer the questions here –> Waitangi questions

–> Waitangi summary with blanks : summary treaty of Waitangi with blanks

2. Read the articles about Ta Moko (given in class) and watch the video just below

Articles Ta Moko CLICK here –> articles Tā Moko

Treat of Waitangi –>  The treaty of Waitangi text  (sorry it is upside down)

Maori Legend: how New Zealand was created:


The art of Ta Moko :

Worksheet (TG5) –> HTR-term-maori-worksheet

Text (photocopy given in class – TG5) : Maori tales of the sea





What strikes you in both ads? What do they have in common and what is different?  What effect do the videos have on you? What do you learn about  New Zealand? What would you like to know?

SEQUENCE 1 « Upgrading Humans »

Axe Innovation scientifique et responsablité

GROUP WORK (to send me before the Toussaint holiday Term Group 6 and after the Toussaint holiday – Friday 12/11) : Group-work-voice-over-for-invention

18/10 Bio hacking article and questions + Have a look at this video/ (Term gp 6) :

HWK for Monday 18/10 –> Written comprehension : Never let me go

11/10 Article from The Daily Mail : Article and questions 

Correction vidéos A et B : correction videos A and B trace écrite

2 VIDEOS, 2 GROUPS : take notes and be ready to present your video to your classmates.

Students  A


Students B


Video 1 : What questions are asked? (3 main questions) What examples are given and issues raised by the voice over? TAKE NOTES.

Script –> script the science of Frankenstein

Correction doc A et B : correction 2 intro pix

Bethany and her parents (summary) – to copy in your notebook + be able to speak about it on your own –> YEARS AND YEARS extract sumary

Watch this extract of a series and write as much information as possible : situation /what is being said / twist at the end / reactions….


Piece of news : every lesson (except if there is a test) one of you will have to speak in front of the group about a piece of news. Choose something that has caught your attention/interest, do some research, take notes and be ready to speak without holding your notes. They can be on the desk (just in case) but cannot be read. Make sure you have the right pronunication by going to the website below (you can enter your text and listen to it, choosing the accent and the person – male or female / Try several readers before choosing). Your presentation can include a picture to show your audience  (on paper) plus you might also write a few keywords on the board. What is important is to catch your listeners’ attention : speak loud enough, look at the group, answer their questions. 2/3 mn max.