T STI2D 2021-2022

 SEQUENCE 3 « New Zealand:  Maoris yesterday and today »

For Tuesday 17th May: you will have a test on Maoris. Be ready !

The legend of Ta Moko (the art of tatooing): 

The art of Ta Moko for the Maoris (to read) : Moko excerpt from National Geographic

Homework for the holidays :

Document  to read + answer the questions: Maori tales of the sea HTR Term

Correction doc  Maoris tales of the sea –> Correction questions text 1

+ worksheet (websearch -map) given in class : HTR term maori worksheet


Watch the video. What strikes you?  What do you learn about  New Zealand? What would you like to know?


How New Zealand was created according to Maori legend :


SEQUENCE 2 « Science Fiction « 

Homework for the holidays:


January 18th  – Watch « I robot » movie extract and do the exercices on « tags »–> I robot question tags

Correction Text 1984: 1984-chapter-1-extrait-CE-correction

HER: powerpoint presentation here –> Presentation1

Prise de notes à terminer pour mardi 11/01 –> prise de notes PPT

Revise vocabulary on Science Fiction

Write a film review of ‘Her’  on a sheet of paper (150 words) – You can say for example to what extent it is a love story / a science fiction movie / a dystopia . Then, record yourself and send me your MP3 on the ENT (voir message sur ENT)

Help here —> Ecrire une critique de film (attention, pas de copié-collé, c’est du plagiat et vous vaudra une fiche incident -cf réglement intérieur du lycée) .

Poster film:


doc HER – click here –> Her

HWK for Dec 14th- Compréhension écrite : Extract « 1984 » –>  1984 chapter 1 extrait CE

Dr Who Video: watch and write down all the typical elements of science fiction. 


HOMEWORK  for Nov 30th: Match the film posters and summaries (cf photocopies) –> posters sci fi  + summaries posters (highlight the keywords)

SEQUENCE 1  « E-Sports »

HOMEWORK for Tuesday November 9th:

  • revisions for test on e-sport (CE + CO)
  • watch video with the link below  and take notes / Summarize the video


–> Revise vocab on e-sport page and do the synonym match exercice on the 2nd page.

–> Article and questions given in class –> article Guardian playing for charities

MP3 : listen again, take notes and write a paragraph on your e-sport page.


Esport  pages –> Esport pages 1 and 2

Stolen Generation, click here –>  Script Stolen Generation
INTRODUCTION (and homework)

A.QUESTIONS    Exercice here –> Practise-your-questions

Grammar review :  La plupart des questions se forment ainsi

B. Try to remember as much as you can about your English teacher and write a paragraph in your notebook.

 C. We speak English in class –> We speak English in the classroom – Copie