LLCE The Curious incident of the dog in the night time

panneau attentionFINAL TEST on Thursday 06 January : Bring your books !


16/12 Homework for the holidays

1. Finish reading the book « The curious incident … »

2. Fiches « The runaway » (extraits de différents chapitres sur la fuite de Xtopher avec questions)

3. Se préparer pour test de lecture sur le livre entier (fin de semaine OU début semaine suivante)

4. Finir le poster Xtopher’s dream (pour jeudi 6/01)

13/12 Chapter 127 : point of view example of correction –> Corrigé ch 127

a question of point of view –> Chapter 127 Correction (dialogues/ facts / thoughts)

Ecrire cet extrait du point de vue du père. Be careful to express facts and  the father’s emotions and feelings of course, here is some help –> Chapter 127 from the father’s point of view HELP

06/11 HWK Practise your reported speech –>  reported_statements students

« Say » and « tell »

Use ‘say’ when there is no indirect object: He said that he was tired.

Always use ‘tell’ when you say who was being spoken to (i.e. with an indirect object):
He told me that he was tired.

And read again until p. 154 (Chapter 167) !

29/11 HWK:  Read the book until Chapter 167 included (p.155)  AND–> Rewrite these passages adapted from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Reported speech: Reported speech- blank

You can listen to the audio book here :

And watch the trailer of the acclaimed play here:

Introduction :  The Curious incident intro

Chapter 2: The Curious incident Chapter 2

Chapter 3: What do you learn about the narrator? Things that he writes, or does, or sometimes things that you can guess through the way he writes. Justify with the text.

Can you act out  the scenes in Chapter 3 and 7?