Animal Farm

Group work for after the holidays : Be ready to present your part orally to the rest of the group, including some extracts of the book to illustrate your arguments (on Powerpoint) –  WARNING : it is NOT exactly a summary, but a LITTERARY analysis (with figures of speech, use of tenses, ect.) 4 to 5 mn max per group.

List here :  Groups-ANIMAL-FARM-(1) 2 students are not in any groups ….

animal farm groups –> what is required for each group !

Short history of the USSR (with worksheet given to complete): 

Old Major’s speech :


Watch the trailers of the 2 « Animal Farm » films and comment.


Look how the covers have changed thoughout the years:

ANIMAL FARM book cover and blurb

About George Orwell – 2 MP3 documents and a video