1e AMC 2022-2023

SEQUENCE 1 The legacy of the British Empire

Group work (cf email sent on Thursday 29th sept): BE presentation and Commonwealth presentation

Group A: 2.Docs group A British Empire

Group B: 2 bis.Docts group B The Commmonwealth

Questions for doc groups A and B: 2 ter. Group A and B questions on docts 1 to 4

Vocabulary sequence à apprendre et à réutiliser : BRITISH EMPIRE VOCAB

Documents 1: documents Queen’s article tweets and video

Questions on doc 1 : HWK The Queen’s passing raises questions

Video for doc 3 : QR code British colonialism


Getting to know each other (introduction)

Mini séquence : SNACK ATTACK

Student worksheet 1: Short film student worksheet

Student worksheet 2Snack_Attack_Short_Film

Student worksheet PPT: Snack_Attack

Short film (1st part)

The full film : code full film

Presentation AMC

What is AMC –> https://app.genial.ly/editor/62e2a96467f46400114047f2

Summer review with James Corben  All the news you missed