Fiche notions :


Comprendre les consignes pour l’écrit du bac: téléchargez la fiche de vocabulaire puis faites les exercices du site donné à la suite (merci à Yvan Baptiste !)


Une fiche complète – un kit de survie pour les épreuves à l’écrit (à lire et à cliquer!)

Kits de survie pour le Bac

Pour la compréhension de l’oral, entrainez vous aussi avec les vidéos postées sur le site (ou d’autres, de votre choix) et regardez celles qui vous donnent des conseils pour l’expression écrite (faire défiler – plus bas)


Some videos you can watch and prepare for the Oral Comprehension :






Fiches méthode CO et EO à télécharger ou imprimer (ou les deux) :

Oral expression

Oral comprehension


Méthode compréhension orale en images :

Quite interesting, like a private lesson! Watch the videos and take some notes if you want. You can revise how to ….


En images:


Warning: in the (good) following video, I don’t agree with this teacher when he says that you need to use the PAST (8e mn). You don’t have the documents but you can use the present because the documents haven’t changed, they are still the same at the moment when you speak about them. The rest of the video is pretty instructive, especially when it comes to using different expressions.


– write an essay :

– write a letter:

– write a dialogue:

On Youtube, on the right, in BAC ANGLAIS … you will find plenty of other videos giving you good advice ! Watch them several times.





Read and listen to some pieces of news (different levels)


BAC Compréhension orale

Please watch as many videos as you can (on this website, on the « miscellaneaous » page, on youtube or go on the websites mentioned below) . You REALLY need to train your ears as much as possible for the exam that will take place beginning of February!  Post some relevant videos if you can, so that your friends can watch them too.

Some good websites :

Fiches notions :

Here is  a worksheet that you should fill in for every notion studied. It should help you for your Oral Expression exam.

For example, in our first sequence, you can make 2 worksheets since there are 2 notions, select the documents that you prefer or those you think best illustrate the notion.

fche problématique et notion(s)


For grammar exercices online :

Link words:



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  1. I listened to the three videos on listening comprehension. They helped me understand the method to find the most important information.
    Moreover, I thank the teacher who gave very good advice.
    Thank you !

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